CWR Capital Management Helps Millennials Get the Most from their Money with Strategies for Building a Brighter Financial Future

This low-cost planning service, helmed by CPA and finance expert Carl Rowits, aims to help today’s younger generation get ahead as higher inflation and a higher cost of living make major impacts on financial forecasts

Penn State alum, CPA, and financial expert Carl Rowits and CWR Capital Management, are working with millennials to build brighter financial futures.

Rowits started his company as a way to fulfill a promise he’d made to his grandmother. He’d pledged to help her with his finances once he graduated college, but sadly, she passed away before the time came. Through CWR Capital Management, this promise and a part of his grandmother’s legacy lives on. “The goal of CWR Capital Management is to get the younger generation investing and investing early,” said Rowits. “We offer comprehensive portfolio management and financial advising for the younger generation.”

The nation is seeing higher-than-average inflation rates that have sparked perhaps the highest cost of living in recent years. Statistics show that Americans need an additional $11,000+ to afford the same things they afforded just a few years ago. For millennials, this often means sacrificing. With the right financial strategies in place, however, money can be saved without such huge sacrifices. This can be done in a way that lends to building a strong portfolio for retirement, as well.

CWR Capital Management provides financial guidance at a rate that’s less than traditional advisors, further helping millennials stretch their dollars further. “Traditional advisors charge a percentage of assets under management, but the highest fee at CWR is $50/month,” said Rowits.

CWR Capital Management is based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, but offers services across the United States using convenient virtual meeting tools. Using video conferencing and other virtual tools makes it even easier for younger clients to meet and discuss plans around their busy schedules.  Currently, CWR Capital Management is accepting new clients. Learn more now by visiting


CWR Capital Management, spearheaded by CPA and finance expert Carl Rowits, helps clients navigate financial goals and investment solutions with a wealth of financial planning and portfolio management services.

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