Unlocking Tax Debt Relief: Legal Tax Defense Offering Internal Revenue Service Offer in Compromise

Unlocking Tax Debt Relief: Legal Tax Defense Offering Internal Revenue Service Offer in Compromise
Quick Assistance Tax Relief is Now Just a Call Away.

Legal Tax Defense, Inc. has launched a new program with a focus on assisting taxpayers in navigating the intricacies of the Internal Revenue Service Offer in Compromise (OIC) program. This initiative provides a fresh start for those burdened by substantial tax bills by enabling qualified taxpayers experiencing financial difficulty to settle their tax debts for less than the total amount owed.

In order to be eligible for an OIC, taxpayers must meet certain criteria: they must not be facing bankruptcy, have no active IRS investigations, have filed all required tax returns, and have made all required anticipated tax payments for the current year. The IRS tool is used to conduct a pre-qualification evaluation at the start of the procedure. Form 656 and financial statement form 433-A (OIC) for individuals or 433-B (OIC) for enterprises are then submitted. Unless the applicant is exempt from paying an application fee due to poor income, one must pay one.

According to Jason Delatorre, CFO of Legal Tax Defense, “Understanding the OIC process is vital, and our tax debt attorneys are here to ensure your paperwork is complete and accurate, maximizing the likelihood of approval.”

“An approved OIC not only reduces the taxpayer’s debt but also prevents further IRS collection actions, such as levies or liens, providing peace and financial stability. Successfully settling tax debts with an OIC can significantly alleviate the stress and financial burden of our clients, helping them to start anew,” remarked Robert Cohen, an attorney with Legal Tax Defense.

As evident, Legal Tax Defense specializes in IRS negotiations and tax resolution, offering comprehensive support from determining eligibility through to the final submission of the OIC application. “Our expertise in IRS procedures ensures that our clients receive knowledgeable and effective representation,” added Cohen.

The journey to resolving tax issues through an OIC can be intricate and challenging without expert assistance. Legal Tax Defense is ready to provide the necessary guidance and support. For more information or to initiate the process, please visit Legal Tax Defense.

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