Popular rechargeable LED headlamp in German

Do you like small size headlamps? Today we would like to recommend you a new rechargeable LED headlamp, which only weighs 48g. It won’t give you any burden even though you wear it all day and it has 50 meters beam distance, so this headlamp is suitable for your daily use. Please let me introduce you its features below:

This bright headlamp has 120 lumens at high mode and it can provide you 30 lumens illumination at low mode. Equipped with Li-ion battery 3.7V 650mAh (incl.), this LED headlamp can continuously run 4 hours at high mode and 9 hours at low mode. There is a power indicator light on the headlamp to show you battery power. You can clearly know its battery power and charge it when it is out of power. This headlamp also have Type-C charging port, the charging speed is quicker than other USB charging headlamps. Its light source is 3W LED+1pc blue LED+1pc red LED. The lighting modes have 5 kinds: 3W LED high on-3W LED low on-blue LED on-red LED on-red LED flash-off. This rechargeable headlamp is lightweight with blue and red LED. What’s more, this headlamp has motion sensor function. It can not only provide you stable bright illumination, but also can free your hands. You can wave your hand to change its lighting mode. With this convenient function, you can wear this headlamp to do some work, which need your both hands.

If you like running, camping, riding or other outdoor activities, this headlamp has IPX4 water resistant. It can be used in rain as usual. The size of it is small, only has 32*36*59mm. After use it, you can put it into your pocket or your bag or other places. And put it out to wear it when you need to use it again. There is a clip at the back of headlamp, enables you clip it on bag belt or some other places.

If you are interested in this headlamp, please feel free to contact us!

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