High-gloss PC/ABS plastic solution to improve scratch resistance

PC/ABS is an engineering plastic alloy made by blending polycarbonate (PC for short) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS for short). This material is a thermoplastic plastic that combines the excellent mechanical properties, heat and impact resistance of PC with the good processability of ABS.

PC/ABS is commonly used in automotive interior parts, electronic equipment housings, computer housings and other products that require high temperature and weathering resistance due to its high heat and weather resistance, for example:

Automotive industry: used to manufacture automotive interior and exterior parts, such as instrument panels, trim pillars, grills, interior and exterior parts.

Electronic and electrical appliances: used to manufacture business equipment cases, built-in parts, such as laptops, copiers, printers, plotters, monitors and so on.

Telecommunications: for the manufacture of mobile phone shells, accessories and smart cards (SIM cards).

Household appliances: used to manufacture shells and parts of household appliances such as washing machines, hair dryers, microwave ovens, etc.

What are the advantages of PC/ABS material:

1. good overall performance, including impact strength, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance.

2. excellent processing fluidity, suitable for the production of thin-walled and complex shape products.

3. The products are dimensionally stable, electrically insulating, and virtually unaffected by temperature, humidity, and frequency.


1. Relatively low heat distortion temperature, combustible, poor weather resistance.

2. Heavy mass, poor thermal conductivity.

Problems and solutions that may occur in the processing of PC/ABS in the process of granulation:

Silver filament problems: Usually caused by gas disturbances such as air, moisture or cracking gas. Solutions include ensuring that the material is sufficiently dry, adjusting the injection process and improving mould venting.

Warpage and deformation problems: may be caused by poor part design or injection moulding conditions. Solutions include extending the injection moulding cycle, lowering the injection temperature, and adjusting the injection pressure and speed appropriately.

Particle appearance problems: such as holes at both ends of the particle, particle foaming, etc.. Solutions include pre-treatment, strengthening the vacuum exhaust, increase the temperature of the water tank.

Black spot problem: It may be caused by poor quality of raw materials, local overheating of screw, and too much pressure in the head. Solutions include checking the mixing and discharge of materials in all aspects of the equipment dead ends are cleaned up, increase the number of filter mesh and the number of sheets, try to cover the holes that may have debris fall.

Flow Mark: caused by poor material flow, can be improved by increasing the temperature of the material or add processing aids to improve the fluidity.

Surface quality problems: PC / ABS itself has a high degree of scratch resistance, but in the process of use is often subject to wear and tear to produce scratches, thus affecting the service life, so many manufacturers will add additives to improve the surface of the scratch-resistant properties.

High-gloss PC/ABS solution to improve scratch resistance:

SILIKE SILIMER 5140 is a polyester modified silicone additive with excellent thermal stability. It is used in thermoplastic products such as PE, PP, PVC, PMMA, PC, PBT, PA, PC/ABS, etc. It could Obviously improve the scratch-resistant and wear-resistant surface properties of products, improve the lubricity and mold release of the material processing process so that the product property is better.

Adding the right amount of SILIKE SILIMER 5140 in the PC/ABS pelletising process can effectively improve the processing and surface properties, such as:

1) Improve scratch resistance and wear resistance;

2) Reduce surface friction coefficient, improve surface smoothness;

3) It does not affect the transparency of the product and gives the product excellent gloss.

4) Improved machining fluidity, make the product have good mold release and lubricity, improve processing efficiency.

SILIKE SILIMER 5140 has a wide range of applications, used in PC/ABS, PE, PP, PVC, PMMA, PC, PBT, PA and other plastics, it can provide scratch resistance, lubrication, demoulding and other advantages; used in thermoplastic elastomers such as TPE, TPU and other thermoplastic elastomers, it can provide scratch resistance, lubrication and other advantages.

At present, we have already had successful application cases in PC/ABS to improve the scratch resistance, if you also want to improve the surface scratch resistance of high-gloss plastic PC/ABS, or to improve the processing fluidity of PC/ABS, you can try to use SILIKE SILIMER 5140, I think it will bring you a great surprise, which is a good choice for you to improve the quality of your products.

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