Kinghelm and Slkor achieve a daily revenue of over one million, setting a new record

Kinghelm Electronics ( and SlkorMicro Semiconductor ( have won the trust and support of many customers thanks to their outstanding product quality and innovative R&D capabilities, consistently achieving excellent results in the market. On April 29, Kinghelm ( and Slkor ( set a new record, achieving over one million in daily revenue. This not only breaks the record for the top daily revenue in the past two years but also establishes a new record with a single transaction revenue of 540,000!

Coinciding with the upcoming International Labor Day, Kinghelm and Slkor’s general manager, Mr. Song Shiqiang, arranged for the finance department to distribute bonuses to all employees on the morning of April 30. The bonus amounts ranged from 500 to 4,000 yuan, depending on employees’ tenure, contribution value, and expertise.

“Sharing profits is the sincerest form of appreciation,” said Mr. Song Shiqiang. “What can I achieve on my own? It’s all thanks to the hard work of everyone. When there are profits, they should be shared with those who contributed.” He also encouraged everyone to “strive for excellence; the greater the contribution, the greater the reward.”

Good News One: Congratulations to Zhou Zhaoquan from Kinghelm Electronics for achieving a remarkable single transaction performance of 540,000 RMB!

Zhou Zhaoquan, the Sales Director of Department Two at Kinghelm (, is well-versed in the necessity of effective management of major clients. Zhou Zhaoquan emphasized that just as a single chopstick can easily be broken, but a bundle of ten chopsticks remains strong, successful management of major clients requires the establishment of efficient sales and customer service teams at Kinghelm to address various needs. Currently, under the leadership of Vice President Cheng Yujie, the sales and customer service teams at Kinghelm have matured and efficiently handled various issues for major clients, establishing Kinghelm as a well-known brand with a high market share in the antenna connector industry.

It is reported that on the afternoon of August 18, 2023, Zhou Zhaoquan, the Sales Director of Department Two at Kinghelm (, organized an employee training session with the theme “Why I Do Major Client Sales.” During the training, Zhou Zhaoquan focused on the future of elite major client sales, emphasizing the importance of learning, reminding employees to continuously expand their knowledge and skills, maintain a passion for learning, and be courageous in facing new challenges and opportunities.

Good News Two: Congratulations to Huang Baoling from Slkor and Chen Suwei from Kinghelm for both achieving single transaction performances exceeding 50,000 RMB!

Huang Baoling from SlkorMicro believes that the key to gaining customer trust lies in product quality and excellent service. Only through a deep understanding of the product, keen market insights, and precise grasp of customer needs can we stand undefeated in the fierce market competition. At the same time, teamwork is also indispensable, with each individual being a warrior, contributing collectively to the early listing of Slkor(! She expressed gratitude for the opportunities provided by the company and the careful guidance of the leaders, enabling her to quickly find her place on this battlefield. In the future, she will continue to work hard, contribute to the development of SlkorMicro Semiconductor, and fight alongside the team to write a brighter tomorrow.

Chen Suwei from Kinghelm has a clear career development plan, aiming to work for companies with factories and brands, which is conducive to long-term stable development as original factories have advantages in terms of price, delivery time, and quality. Subsequently, he joined Kinghelm (, specializing in the sales of “Kinghelm” branded products such as Beidou GPS antenna connectors. Through step-by-step learning from predecessors, he gradually became a sales elite at Kinghelm over the years. He mentioned that currently, Kinghelm and Slkor are expanding their overseas business, as General Manager Song Shiqiang puts it, “earning US dollars and spending them in China.” He believes that overseas clients will gradually increase, just like in the domestic market, it takes time for them to accumulate.

Good News Three: Nine transactions have surpassed 10,000 yuan, with a standout performance by Kinghelm’s Zhou Zhaoqian, who achieved a single transaction amount of 47,850 yuan.

On April 29th, both Kinghelm and Slkor achieved single-day revenues exceeding one million yuan, totaling 55 transactions. Among these were 12 significant transactions, including one exceeding 500,000 yuan, five surpassing 50,000 yuan, and six ranging from 10,000 to 50,000 yuan. This clearly demonstrates the effective management of major clients, the strong brand power and quality assurance of Kinghelm and Slkor, as well as the trust and support of their customers. Particularly noteworthy is the remarkable achievement of individuals contributing multiple transactions on that day (April 29th), with standout performances from Kinghelm’s Sales Assistant He Li, who secured 11 transactions, and Slkor’s Deputy General Manager He Junju, who completed 9 transactions.

Mr. Song Shiqiang remarked that our company is a blessed place where everyone is improving. Contributions and feedback inevitably lead to motivation, and adequate motivation can make colleagues feel accomplished. For instance, new colleagues who secured new deals received exclusive red packets from Mr. Song Shiqiang. Additionally, the Sales Champion of Kinghelm’s Connector Division for March, Zhou Zhaoquan, was rewarded with two bottles of Maotai liquor by the company. Apart from April 29th, every day for the sales teams of Kinghelm and Slkor is marked by intense competition and remarkable achievements, with the performance of new employees particularly eye-catching. For example, Zhang Yanxiong, a salesperson at Kinghelm, impressed with his diligent, dedicated, and inquisitive spirit, earning the trust and support of numerous clients within just six months of joining. He secured several transactions exceeding ten thousand yuan between February and March, and on March 17th (Sunday), during his rest time, he clinched an order worth 79,050 yuan, breaking the record for new employees and greatly boosting team morale. As a result, Zhang Yanxiong not only received substantial material rewards but also received multiple public praises from General Manager Song Shiqiang and Deputy General Manager Cheng Yujie.

“Many hands make light work, and under the leadership of General Manager Song Shiqiang, the future of Kinghelm and SlkorMicro is even brighter! Great endeavors call for talent, and great times nurture talent. We believe that Kinghelm and SlkorMicro, as they tread the path towards internationalization, will become hubs for talent and realms where dreams come true!”

Mr. Song Shiqiang’s Profile

Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Kinghelm ( and Slkor (

Mr. Song Shiqiang is the General Manager of two international companies, SlkorMicro Semiconductor and Kinghelm Electronics, both headquartered in Shenzhen, China. He is a member of the Expert Database of the China Electronics Society, a research expert in Huaqiang North, and a science popularization columnist. Starting his career as a grassroots technical staff, Mr. Song has served as CEO of an international real estate listed company, bringing with him extensive experience in technical management and enterprise operations. He combines macroeconomic theory with practical business management to lead the rapid development of the company.

Slkor Semiconductor, under Mr. Song Shiqiang’s investment, strives to become a “semiconductor leader,” while Kinghelm Electronics, bearing the brand “Kinghelm,” aims to “connect the world” and enjoys international renown and reputation.

Mr. Song Shiqiang’s series of articles have been republished by authoritative media outlets both domestically and internationally, including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Global Times, Associated Press, Yahoo News, The Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review. His contributions in purifying the business environment of Huaqiang North, known as “China’s Electronic First Street,” have been recognized globally. The “Song Shiqiang’s Insights” series is widely distributed on platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Bilibili, providing constructive suggestions for spreading traditional Chinese culture, economic prosperity, and social development.

Recently, Mr. Song Shiqiang’s latest work, “Insights on the Efficiency of Business Management (Part 1),” has been widely circulated and reprinted by numerous well-known domestic media outlets, including The Non-Net, China Economic Information, Shenzhen Observation Network, First Financial Network, China E-Commerce Network, First Financial Network, and China Business Circle.

“The Efficiency of Business Management: A Discourse by Song Shiqiang (Part Ⅰ)” has been republished by The Non-Net.

“The Efficiency of Business Management: A Discourse by Song Shiqiang (Part Ⅰ)” has been republished by China Economic Information and Shenzhen Observation Network.

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