Architect of World-Class Strategies, Michael Gehles, Introduces His Crypto Game-Changer: “The Great Wall Strategy”

Cryptocurrency listing strategist extraordinaire Michael Gehles’s “Great Wall Strategy” has shaken up the crypto industry with promising results.

Michael Yumin Gehles, a German-Korean native, is currently recognized as one of the masterminds behind crypto listing strategies. Through his innovative approach, known as “The Great Wall Strategy,” numerous crypto projects have sought his guidance. This strategy has not only enhanced liquidity but also facilitated meme coins to achieve returns of thousands of times their initial value.

Redefining The Crypto Market 

Michael Gehles has adeptly applied his “Great Wall Strategy” to navigate both positive and negative market conditions, showcasing its versatility and effectiveness. By implementing deposit locking and transaction tax mechanisms to control the initial sell-offs, this strategy aims to foster a more secure trading environment, allowing projects to establish a strong foundation for growth and long-term success. Major crypto projects and exchanges around the world have also adopted his strategy, further validating its impact and success in the crypto industry

Why Call It “The Great Wall?” 

When asked why he named one of the most successful crypto strategies “Great Wall Strategy,” Michael promptly explained: “When I left Germany as a humbled teenager to Shanghai, it changed my whole life positively, and through China, I found my passion in the financial industry. However, the Great Wall of China is a remarkable wonder of the world and one of the most astonishing structures I have seen. It showcases immense scale and the necessity it once served, symbolizing strength and monumentality. Therefore, the Great Wall Strategy in the crypto world serves as a means to protect against selling pressure and build up liquidity, addressing one of the primary reasons why crypto projects fail directly after listing on an exchange.”

Benefitting All Parties 

The Great Wall Strategy encompasses a combination of staking, deposit locking, and transaction tax, providing benefits for both exchanges and project listings. Speaking at TOKEN2049 in Dubai, Gehles elaborated, “While it might seem like a worst-case scenario for investors or exchanges, this approach can have a positive impact if everyone is behind the project.” 


The Great Wall Strategy, a holistic approach to cryptocurrency listing not only safeguards against immediate sell-offs but also ensures long-term stability and growth. By incorporating mechanisms to control liquidity and discourage premature selling, projects can establish themselves more securely in the market, paving the way for sustained success and investor confidence.

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