Cannes International Film Week, the New Kid in Town

This year, as the illustrious Cannes Film Festival paints the town with its customary grandeur, a new festival emerges on the digital horizon. Cannes International Film Week debuts on May 13, 2024, on the streaming service Whush, introducing a fresh cinematic experience to the established film festival scene. 

Designed to run concurrently with the long-celebrated Cannes Film Festival, Cannes International Film Week offers a unique platform for independent filmmakers from around the world. This digital streaming festival presents a diverse selection of over 60 films, including narrative features, documentaries, animated works, experimental pieces, and music videos. This innovative event caters to an international audience, making groundbreaking films accessible to cinema lovers worldwide. 

Unlike traditional film markets such as Le Marche, where ‘selections’ are predominantly bought, Cannes International Film Week showcases a 100% curated selection, emphasizing artistic quality and innovation. This thoughtful curation ensures a balanced representation of films, providing both filmmakers and audiences a vibrant palette of cinematic expressions that challenge, entertain, and inspire. 

“The launch of Cannes International Film Week marks a significant moment in the evolution of film festivals,” said Kris De Meester, Director of Cannes International Film Week. “Our goal is to democratize access to high-caliber, independent films and provide a global stage for filmmakers who might not have the resources to compete in more traditional venues. This festival is about embracing the future of film, the digital landscape, and the unexplored potential it holds.” 

Cannes International Film Week is not just an alternative to the physical hustle of film markets; it’s a forward-thinking solution to the increasingly digital nature of entertainment. By hosting the festival online, organizers ensure that filmmakers have the opportunity to reach a broad audience, including industry professionals such as distributors and sales agents who are eager to discover new talents and innovative storytelling. 

Accessibility is at the heart of the festival’s ethos. For the first time, audiences from across the globe can experience the magic of Cannes without the need to travel, simply by logging into This inclusive approach is set to forge deeper connections between filmmakers and international audiences, fostering a community of film enthusiasts who are passionate about the future of cinema. 

As Cannes International Film Week goes live, it invites viewers everywhere to explore its inaugural selection. The festival promises not only to showcase the talents of its filmmakers but also to offer a new perspective on what a film festival can be in the digital age. 

For additional information about Cannes International Film Week and to start streaming the films, please visit Join in celebrating the new voices of cinema and discover the extraordinary stories they have to tell.

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