‘Klinik Utama’ Status Guarantees Safety of Services at Be Hati

Increased literacy has made people more aware of their health. They are also getting smarter in choosing credible healthcare facilities.

In the world of skin health, increased public awareness is also triggered by the proliferation of South Korean movies and series. People of all ages want to have healthy and bright facial skin like their favorite Korean stars.

However, some news about patients who are victims of malpractice is quite alarming. People are increasingly cautious in choosing a skin care facility.

“All women want to be beautiful. But the news about malpractice victims is scary,” said Lidya, a resident of Gajahmungkur, Semarang. 

She said she has been very careful in finding a skin care facility. This is done to avoid all risks.

“It has to be a licensed clinic. The clinic must also be run by an experienced skin specialist,” she said.

For more than a year, she has entrusted her skin health care to Be Hati Skin Clinic Solo. Initially, she always came directly from Semarang to Solo for treatment.

“Now it’s more practical because I can consult online. Products and creams are sent via expedition,” she said.

Separately, skin specialist and owner of Be Hati Skin Clinic, Dr. Khoirul Hadi Sp.KK said that people have indeed started to be smart. They will choose a skin clinic that has credibility and capability and is guaranteed safety through complete licensing.

“Be Hati Skin Clinic’s license with the ‘Klinik Utama’ status is a guarantee of service safety,” said Dr. Khoirul Hadi, Sp.KK.

Be Hati Skin Clinic’s 16 years of experience also makes the services at the clinic unquestionable. All treatments are guaranteed safety, including whitening, slimming and cosmetic surgery programs.

“All are safe because they are handled by experienced skin specialists and use materials and tools that meet the standards,” he said.

For information, there are two types of clinics known in the world of health in Indonesia, namely ‘Klinik Pratama’ and ‘Klinik Utama’.

‘Klinik Pratama’ is a clinic that organizes basic medical services both general and specialized.

Meanwhile, the ‘Klinik Utama’ is a clinic that organizes specialty medical services or basic and specialty medical services. Primary Clinics can provide specialty medical services based on organ systems and/or branches/disciplines in one or more specialty areas.

About Be Hati

Be Hati Skin Clinic is a skin health service center based in Solo City. This clinic is lead by a dermatologist who has 16 years of experience.

Apart from consultations provided directly by experts, this clinic offers various treatments such as BDR, Laser CO2, Laser Tattoo Removal, Facial, treatment RF (Radio Frequency) skin tightening, chemical facial peels, laser rejuvenation, cosmetic surgery and fat transfer.

The high level of consumer trust in the clinic and the experts who support it means that Be Hati Skin Clinic has not opened a branch anywhere.

As a solution, Be Hati Skin Clinic provides online consultation facilities so that it can serve the interests of people from outside the city.

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