VITALBEAUTIE Launches Edible Retinol, Super Retinol C

Edible retinol’ developed by Amorepacific’s 29 years of research technology

Customers who are sensitive to retinol can easily take and get vibrant and bright skin

VITALBEAUTIE, Amorepacific’s leading beauty and health supplement brand, has launched Super Retinol C, an edible retinol co-developed with dermatologists based on Amorepacific’s 29 years of retinol research technology.

VITALBEAUTIE Super Retinol C is an innovative product that transforms ‘topical retinol’ into ‘edible retinol’. It is a synergistic brightening formula of vitamins and retinol, developed in collaboration with dermatologists to help you achieve a brighter, more radiant complexion every day.

Super Retinol C combines the key ingredient retinol (vitamin A) with vitamins C, D, E, zinc, pantothenic acid and more. Vitamins C and E may help protect cells from free radicals through their antioxidant properties, and the formula contains many other synergistic ingredients. Two sachets per day provide 1,000% Daily Value (948 mg) of vitamin C, and the plant-based retinol is derived from moringa leaves, so you can feel good about your intake.

The recommended intake of Super Retinol C is 1~2 sachets per day, which can be taken directly into the mouth, but it also dissolves well in cold water and can be enjoyed as a drink. It is a vegan product that can be consumed safely and consistently, and it has a refreshing and invigorating taste thanks to the addition of citrus extract and mango juice powder.

A Vitalbeautie representative said, “Retinol C, which can be easily and conveniently administered by ingestion of powder, is a product that even customers who are sensitive to retinol ingredients can consume with confidence,” and expressed confidence in the product, saying, “It will attract customers with both taste and cost-effectiveness.

Super Retinol C is now available online at Amazon.

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