Renowned author Harold Toliver explores the cosmos in his top-rated self-help book, “Playing Scales: Scanning and Sizing the Universe and Everything in It”

“Playing Scales: Scanning and Sizing the Universe and Everything in It” is a self-help science book that has captivated audiences across various genres, including historical studies, philosophy, and astrophysics. The author’s adept storytelling and insightful analysis make this work a valuable addition to the literary and scientific communities alike.

Harold Toliver, a renowned English, American, and Comparative Literature professor at the University of California, has unveiled his latest work, “Playing Scales: Scanning and Sizing the Universe and Everything in It.” In this self-help book, Toliver combines his expertise in literature with a probe into the universe’s various scales, offering readers a distinct perspective on the interconnectedness of nature, philosophy, and human existence.

The author, known for his contributions to literary history and theory, criticizes the prevalent tendency in philosophy, including the philosophy of science, to overlook the broader scale of the natural continuum. “Playing Scales” looks at a paradigm shift and urges readers to place everyday situations, places, topography, and even home ground within the context of atomic matter and its history.

“Playing Scales” underscores the significant disparity between conventional measurements and the actual existence of the universe, drawing parallels between ‘yardsticks’ and ‘light years.’ Through brilliant writing and skillful integration of complex concepts, the author, now a retired professor, elucidates everyday ideas and views of world history, linking them to nature’s grander narrative.

In addition, the concepts of fear, freedom, and succession are also redefined in the context of the cosmos. This approach offers readers a new perspective on these fundamental concepts. 

Toliver’s work provides a comprehensive framework for understanding cultural histories from their origins to present states. Disciplines such as anthropology, paleontology, philosophy, and religion are framed within the bigger context of the natural continuum, forming a cohesive narrative that spans diverse fields of study.

Toliver started his career as a Teaching Assistant to Professor at esteemed institutions like Johns Hopkins, the University of Washington, Ohio State University, and UCLA. His extensive publications, including “The Past That Poets Make” and “Animate Illusions,” reflect his dedication to interdisciplinary matters bridging the humanities and sciences. After retirement, Toliver has concentrated on exploring the extent of the natural continuum and its implications for cultural myths and literary traditions.

Toliver participated in two of the publishing industry’s most prestigious book fairs – the London Book Fair held March 12-14, 2024, hosted at Olympia London, and the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (LATFOB) at the University of California last April 20-21, 2024. 

“Playing Scales: Scanning and Sizing the Universe and Everything in It” is now available in leading digital bookstores, including Amazon. Whether a student of philosophy, an enthusiast of cultural histories, or someone fascinated by the mysteries of the universe, Toliver’s latest work invites readers from all walks of life to embark on a journey of intellectual exploration.

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