Preparing for the Golden Years: Financial Land Insurance Services Steers People Towards a Secure, Insured Future

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With the realization that today’s retirement is not the retirement of yesteryears, many are now faced with a retirement planning wake-up call. Not only have lifespans lengthened, but traditional retirement models have significantly shifted. Claude Atam, the esteemed founder and CEO of Financial Land Insurance Services, a trusted financial services firm and insurance agency, sounds the alarm on the common retirement pitfalls and presents four retirement vision questions to help clients navigate the complexities of income, tax, and retirement planning.

As people chart the course toward their golden years, they envision a time when they can finally slow down. They’re looking forward to making time for hobbies, spending time with loved ones, and maintaining a good quality of life. When asked about the most common enemy of a comfortable retirement, Atam says, “The main thing is poor financial planning, and it has become a lot more prevalent now that the traditional retirement model has shifted and lifespans have become longer. More and more, we are seeing people fail to account for market risk, inflation risk, and longevity risk. At Financial Land Insurance Services, we have developed a strategic and integrated framework to empower people to plan for their financial future proactively.”

Starting with four retirement vision questions, the Financial Land Insurance Services team helps people first envision their ideal retirement so they can plan accordingly for the golden life they want. By prompting clients to think ahead and determine what needs to happen along the way for a happy and comfortable retirement, the financial services firm kick-starts clients on the journey to a secure, insured future. The firm then handholds clients as they identify obstacles and concerns in achieving their retirement vision, determine the essential actions to overcome these obstacles and review their progress toward achieving this retirement vision.

Beyond outlining risks and creating a vision with clients, Atam also pointed out the seven common mistakes people make when planning retirement. These include underestimating life expectancy, neglecting inflation, paying too much taxes, focusing on financial products instead of strategic planning, neglecting healthcare expenses, relying on government and employer retirement plans, and not saving enough. Financial Land Insurance Services’ comprehensive financial planning solutions are designed to help clients avoid these mistakes. 

“We want all our customers to have peace of mind when chasing their long-term financial goals and dealing with insurance. That is why we are committed to empowering you to address these challenges and concerns proactively.”

Financial Land Insurance Services has earned the distinction of a trusted senior insurance & retirement planner. Beyond income planning, tax planning, and retirement planning, the firm’s unique blend of personalized service and cutting-edge technology ensures clients have the tools, guidance, and support they need to confidently approach their retirement journey and navigate the ever-changing financial and insurance landscape.

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