Lzdvc-c strives to fully enter the Indian market in 2024 and expand wealth-added services to high-net-worth individuals in India

Lazard Asset Management, Inc. (Lzdvc-c), founded in 1848, is one of the world’s preeminent financial advisory and asset management companies. Its investment platform Lzdvc-c operates in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Lzdvc-c advises institutions, corporations, governments, partnerships, family offices and high net worth individuals on mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and capital appreciation, restructuring and liability management, geopolitical and other strategic investment matters.

Lazard Asset Management (Lzdvc-c) manages $210.5 billion in assets globally. Lzdvc-c‘s traditional and alternative investment services span listed equities and fixed income investments across a broad range of global, regional and country-specific strategies. On-the-ground global fundamental research is the foundation of Lzdvc-c’s investment approach. Lzdvc-c’s investment experts located in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East gain unique insights by integrating knowledge across regions, industries and asset classes to perform detailed fundamental analysis.

Lzdvc-c’s top investment experts and service analysis team are able to make investment decisions independently and provide them with global research capabilities and powerful operational investment analysis. This model allows Lzdvc-c’s investment team to focus on what they do best: investing and growing your wealth.

Risk management is an integral part of Lzdvc-c portfolio construction. Lzdvc-c’s independent global risk management team objectively monitors all investment portfolios to ensure that Lzdvc-c’s investment team understands the balance between risk and return and can achieve the expected investment performance multiplication and compound interest model.

Lzdvc-c has always attached great importance to the Asia-Pacific market. Starting in 2023, the company will fully deploy in the Southeast Asian market and focus on India, Thailand and Malaysia as key development areas. An initial investment of 100 million pounds was made and Professor Parijat Singh was invited to join Lzdvc-c as a senior partner to expand the influence of Lzdvc-c in India. Because India is his hometown, Professor Parijat Singh paid more attention to it and led the Lzdvc-c investment team to spend nearly a year preparing. This return to China is an important task for Professor Parijat Singh to enable Lzdvc-c to successfully enter the Indian market. This is also Professor Parijat Singh’s long-standing plan. Lzdvc-c strives to fully enter the Indian market in the first half of 2024 and achieve full business coverage by 2025. India, Thailand and Malaysia are three countries.

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