M. J. Edington Releases New Mystery Novel – Naked Came The Hunter

M. J. Edington Releases New Mystery Novel - Naked Came The Hunter
M. J. Edington Releases New Mystery Novel – Naked Came The Hunter
Secrets lurk in the shadows of Eagle Mountain Naturist Enclave, and only one man can unveil them…

Cyclone Creek Novels presents a riveting tale of survival, redemption, and self-discovery with the release of Naked Came The Hunter by M. J. Edington. Available now, this mystery takes readers on a journey into the heart of the Eagle Mountain Naturist Enclave, where the rugged mountains of West Virginia conceal secrets that test the limits of human endurance.

In the depths of the wilderness, hikers stumble upon a dying man, his body brutally savaged by an unknown assailant. His identity and past erased by amnesia, he finds himself thrust into the care of the free-spirited nudists of Eagle Mountain Naturist Enclave. As a retired trauma surgeon races against time to save his life, the mystery deepens. Who attacked him, and why? Is the threat still lurking in the dense forest, endangering the entire community?

As the survivor struggles to piece together his shattered memories and confront the stark reality of his broken body, readers are drawn into a web of intrigue and danger. Will he uncover the truth behind the attack before it’s too late? Can he regain his lost memories and prevent further harm?

With Naked Came The Hunter, M. J. Edington delivers a compelling narrative that explores the raw truths of human nature and the resilience of the human spirit. Set against the backdrop of the Eagle Mountain Naturist Enclave, this novel invites readers to delve into a world where the scars of the body and mind reveal naked truths that bind us all.

About the Author:

M. J. Edington brings a lifetime of adventures to his writing, drawing from his experiences as a Fugitive Recovery Agent and private investigator. With a penchant for spinning tall tales that captivate and entertain, Edington’s debut novel, “The Cyclone Kid,” marks the beginning of an exciting literary journey. “Naked Came The Hunter” is a testament to his storytelling prowess and his ability to transport readers to thrilling new worlds.

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Naked Came The Hunter is available for purchase on Amazon and other leading retailers.


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