Real Clear Podcast takes on Social Security cuts and reform

Real Clear Podcast takes on Social Security cuts and reform

Debates are raging among candidates at all levels of government about Social Security. The conservative, unbiased Real Clear Podcast, isn’t reticent about exploring this issue and the opinions of candidates from both political parties.

Launched in 2022 by host, Dr. Lucas A. Klein, listeners have the opportunity to learn about top political issues on the minds of the public and potential solutions. Klein has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, adult psychoanalyst, is a former civil and criminal forensic psychologist, and author. He understands the psychological tendencies toward conspiracy theories, along with the underlying fear and distrust of the general public.

The Social Security debate in the United States is one that generates considerable concern among people of all ages. Some politicians advocate for raising the retirement age, cutting disability benefits, and restructuring Medicare. They warn that the program is currently unsustainable and contend that individuals able to work are receiving benefits.

Others point out that for many, Social Security is their only source of income and that cutting benefits will deny basic financial security and increase homelessness, with women and low-income individuals being most affected.

Still others point out that the U.S. deficit isn’t due to Social Security, benefits are far from generous, and ageism makes it difficult for older workers to obtain employment. They suggest that programs supporting those seeking asylum be changed.

Ask anyone if they’ll watch the debate tonight and conflicting answers ensue. The topic is complicated and one that incorporates multiple concerns encompassing treatment of the poor and infirm, immigration, the U.S. deficit, and quality of life. The unbiased political podcast explores those issues with those running for office, experts in an array of fields, and offers potential solutions that could be implemented.

Real Clear Podcast undertakes discussions encompassing current events, racism, gender, culture, mental health, healthcare, Social Security, and policies that affect the world. Real Clear Podcast can be found on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.

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