Russian Internet Celebrity Visits Xuyi Lobster Harvest Season in Jiangsu, Experiencing Delicious Living

Frank and Alena from Russia joined the lobster-catching frenzy and arrived in Xuyi, Jiangsu.

Recently, Frank and Alena from Russia joined the lobster-catching frenzy and arrived in Xuyi, Jiangsu, to experience the flavorful life of Xuyi with its mountains and waters.

Click the video quickly and witness, alongside these “foreigners”, the charm of Xuyi with its lush mountains, clear waters, heartfelt people, and delightful cuisine, amidst the landscapes, culture, and bustling atmosphere.

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Xuyi, nestled along the banks of the Huai River, is truly a land of plenty, earning the title “Capital of Chinese Crayfish”. The renowned Thirteen Spices Crayfish, a favorite among diners, originated here in Xuyi.

This time of year marks the busiest period for Xuyi’s crayfish farmers. Across the vast expanse of intersecting crayfish ponds, the shimmering water reflects the radiant smiles of these farmers.

The thriving crayfish industry not only boosts Xuyi’s urban prominence, reputation, and influence but also significantly increases the income of its residents. Currently, 210,000 people in the county are engaged in crayfish-related work, accounting for about a quarter of the total population. 

The fervor for entrepreneurship has ignited a new engine for the county’s economic development. In 2023, Xuyi achieved a regional GDP of 55.111 billion yuan, a growth of 7.5%. There were 107 new contracts signed, 61 new projects initiated, and 52 projects completed, each with an investment exceeding one billion yuan. These achievements demonstrate Xuyi’s steady and positive development momentum and further bolster the confidence of its people in striving for excellence and surpassing themselves.

(By Yang Xinyi)

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