Multicultural Couple Influencers Nick and Carrie Inspire Millions Online with Their Love Story Embracing Diversity in Relationships

Nick and Carrie are Australian social media personalities known for their lighthearted couple-related content. Nick comes from an Indian background, and Carrie comes from a Hong Kong Chinese background. With a fan base over 20 million, many have called them “the cutest couple on the internet.”

Love speaks more than one language for multi-cultural couple Nick and Carrie. As many modern couples do, Nick and Carrie met on Tinder. In 2019, they began posting self-portraits of their travels on Instagram with the dream of becoming a full-time travel couple. In 2020, the unfortunate onset of Covid changed everything. Instead, the couple started sharing more about their day-to-day lives and their many interesting interactions during lockdown. Their unique, authentic content and cute, funny personalities quickly amassed a large following.

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The couple has been successful on various social media platforms, amassing millions of followers who enjoy their lighthearted “couple things” and comedic posts. Nick and Carrie often film the pranks they play on one another, such as the scavenger hunt she recently held to find his birthday present. Last year, she surprised him with his first trip home to India in five years and his first time celebrating the day with family in a decade.

They travel frequently and explore the culture wherever they go. Recent videos chronicle their journeys to celebrate Chinese New Year with Carrie’s family in Hong Kong and Diwali with Nick’s family in India. 

Embracing Diversity through Lighthearted, Uplifting Couple-Themed Content

Their lighthearted couple-themed content showcases their close-knit relationship and humorous exploits while highlighting the depth of their love for each other. They frequently share heartfelt moments that lend a sense of reality to their content. 

They also create content embracing each other’s culture, trying out one another’s traditional practices and customs with a mutual spirit of curiosity, respect, and shared exploration.

Fans love the couple’s dynamic, with many making comments like, “I’ve seen so many couples on YouTube or Insta(gram), but your relationship looks so pure. I really adore you guys. God bless you both.”

Growing and Changing Together

Coming from different cultural backgrounds, Nick and Carrie have made adjustments for their relationship. One of the essential ways they have grown and changed together is through food. During a Q and A video, the couple shared how trying each other’s native food has brought them closer.

“We have changed by giving each other a little bit more space to learn about our culture, learn about our families,” Nick said before Carrie finished, “And be respectful even if you don’t like it.” 

They also embrace diversity in their relationship and promote the idea that love has no boundaries. As they come from different cultural backgrounds, they see cultural differences as an opportunity to grow and learn about each other’s experiences and heritage.

“Cultural difference shouldn’t be a barrier in our modern society,” Nick and Carrie said.

Celebrating Diwali in India

Nick takes Carrie home to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights, in India with his family and traditions. They visit the market to shop for supplies, enjoy delicious Indian cuisine, introduce Carrie to traditional Indian attire, and celebrate the light with assorted fireworks. Nick proudly shares his culture and celebrations with Carrie, and she eagerly immerses herself in the experience.


Embrace diversity and celebrate different cultures along with Nick and Carrie as the inspirational couple shares their relationship journey on their multiple social media platforms. Nick and Carrie are active and regularly engage with followers on their channels. 

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