The Cold Plunge Store Presents the Best Cold Plunge Tubs of 2024

The Cold Plunge Store’s top picks for 2024: Experience top-tier cold therapy with cold plunge tubs built for every need and budget.

The Cold Plunge Store, a leading one-stop shop for everything cold plunges, is thrilled to unveil its top picks for the Best Cold Plunge Tubs of 2024. 

What started as a postgame recovery ritual for athletes has become a mainstream practice, proving that taking the plunge into cold therapy is no longer just for athletes or Wim Hof enthusiasts. Embraced for its touted health benefits like pain relief, muscle recovery, and improved mental well-being, many have now incorporated ice baths into their everyday routines—so much so that searches for cold plunge tubs have increased. 

However, with so many cold plunge options on the market, it’s become harder to choose the right cold plunge tub. That’s where The Cold Plunge Store comes in.

Coming off the heels of the brand’s commitment to providing people with a cold connection like no other, The Cold Plunge Store combines products, resources, and community to provide a seamless entry point for people looking to experience the benefits of cold therapy. Based in Houston, TX, the store boasts the largest selection of cold plunge tubs in the US, with over 50 options and an experienced and knowledgeable support team ready to guide individuals and businesses through cold plunging and cold plunge tub selection.

“We have the unique ability to connect people with the cold at all levels,” said The Cold Plunge Store founder and CEO Dakota Ennis. “Whether it’s connecting people with the best cold plunge or the best resource, we are here for everyone.”

Best Cold Plunge Tubs of 2024

As more and more people take to submerging themselves in popsicle-temperature baths, cold water therapy’s transition from an elite recovery practice to a more accessible, everyday cold connection has been made possible by brands such as Embrace, King Kool, and Qoolpod. To connect people with the best cold plunge solution to optimize their health and wellness, The Cold Plunge Store reviewed its bestsellers to identify the best cold plunge tubs of 2024.

For starters, Embrace Beginnings stands out as the most affordable chiller-ready cold plunge tub. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the tub allows people to plunge into near-freezing water from the comfort of their homes for as little as $299. The well-insulated, XL-sized ice bath is the perfect cold plunge tub with chiller unit choice for beginners. 

The Embrace Limitless tub holds the title as the best-selling at-home cold plunge with a 1HP chiller unit. According to The Cold Plunge Store, this portable cold plunge has become the premier choice for cold therapy in various settings. Its 1HP chiller unit and advanced 3-stage filtration make it the perfect go-to for a cold plunge that delivers insulation, durability, and chilling power.

The King Kool Plunge Standard has earned the best premium at-home cold plunge title. Its built-in chiller, ozone sanitizer, pump, and pool-grade micron filter offer the most refreshing plunge experience. Moreover, its high-quality weatherproof exterior has made the King Kool Plunge one of the toughest cold plunges available.

The next tub to make The Cold Plunge Store’s list of best cold plunge tubs of 2024 is the Qoolpod Commercial, the best commercial cold plunge. As more developers and businesses make long-term commitments to the practice of cold therapy, Qoolpod Commercial stands out as the go-to all-in-one commercial tub. Another ice bath with chiller unit tub, the Qoolpod Commercial offers a sleek and compact design that is sure to attract customers. It sits up to seven feet tall, and its built-in reclined seat makes it the most comfortable plunge tub on the market. Furthermore, the Qoolpod requires minimal maintenance and will maintain temperatures as low as 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cold Therapy: After the initial shock

The science behind cold therapy, used for centuries to boost health and wellness, is compelling. After the initial shock and shiver, plunging into cold water stimulates leukocytes, which help fight off sickness and strengthen the immune system. From mental health enhancement to optimized recovery, the benefits of ice baths extend far beyond the mood, energy, and clarity boost of that initial chill.

Since the ice bath obsession seems to be here to stay, The Cold Plunge Store has taken it upon itself to help people make informed decisions on cold therapy. “Our commitment extends beyond providing the best quality. We are passionate about empowering people to experience the transformative power of cold therapy the right way,” added Dakota. 

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