Selwan Oraha Discusses Sustainable Urban Development and Key Business Strategies

Selwan Oraha Discusses Sustainable Urban Development and Key Business Strategies

Selwan Oraha, Toronto, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario Developer Selwan Oraha

Selwan Oraha, a prominent Canadian entrepreneur in the construction and property development industry, recently shared insights from his extensive career and his innovative approach to sustainable urban development. Born on April 15, 1975, to Iraqi immigrant parents, Oraha was inspired by his father, a civil engineer, to pursue a career in building and design. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Toronto and an MBA from the Rotman School of Management. Oraha’s career highlights include managing key projects at EllisDon, such as the revitalization of Union Station and the Bay Adelaide Centre. In 2005, he founded Oraha Developments Inc., which is celebrated for its sustainable and innovative projects, including GreenVista Towers and Liberty Square.

Oraha shared that his daily routine begins with a morning run, which helps him clear his mind and prepare for the day. He prioritizes high-impact projects and ensures regular visits to project sites to stay connected with ongoing developments. He emphasizes the importance of regular team meetings for brainstorming and alignment, which fosters a productive and collaborative work environment.

A major trend that excites Oraha is the rise of smart cities and the integration of technology in urban development. He sees significant potential in utilizing IoT, AI, and green technologies to create more efficient, sustainable, and livable cities. This trend aligns with Oraha’s commitment to sustainability and innovation, promising enhanced energy efficiency and improved quality of life in urban areas.

Oraha highlighted that a key strategy for his business growth has been embracing sustainability as a core value. This focus has differentiated Oraha Developments in a competitive market, attracting eco-conscious clients and investors, enhancing the company’s brand reputation, and reducing operational costs. By prioritizing eco-friendly designs and technologies, Oraha has successfully built a loyal customer base and secured long-term success.

To maintain productivity, Oraha sets clear, achievable goals each day and allocates specific time blocks to focus on top priorities. This practice helps him stay focused and make steady progress on critical tasks. He also engages in regular reflection to assess performance and identify areas for improvement, ensuring alignment with long-term objectives.

Oraha also shared his belief in the future integration of vertical farming within urban developments. Despite skepticism, he envisions vertical farming as a core component of city planning, enhancing food security, reducing transportation emissions, and improving urban air quality.

The full interview with Selwan Oraha can be read here.

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