Safe Responsible Movers Publishes Updated Guide for Moving On September 1st in Boston – “Allston Christmas”

Safe Responsible Movers Publishes Updated Guide for Moving On September 1st in Boston - "Allston Christmas"
Safe Responsible Movers offers tips and insights on how to navigate September 1st, the busiest moving day of the year in Boston, Massachusetts

Boston, MA – May 28, 2024 – Safe Responsible Movers, a longtime top rated moving company serving Boston, Massachusetts, is excited to announce the release of their updated guide to the infamous moving day in Boston – September 1st, also known as “Allston Christmas”. As Boston’s busiest moving day, September 1st sees a massive influx of residents relocating, making it crucial to have reliable, up-to-date information for a smooth move.

Moving on September 1st in Boston often referred to as “Allston Christmas,” is a well-known phenomenon in Massachusetts. With leases typically ending and beginning on this date, the city, particularly the Allston neighborhood, turns into a bustling hive of moving trucks, discarded furniture, and new beginnings. This day is notorious for its challenges, from securing parking permits to navigating crowded streets, which can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned movers.

Safe Responsible Movers, with their A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google, has long been a trusted name in the Boston moving industry. Voted Best Movers by the Improper Bostonian and featured in Boston Magazine, WGBH, and NBC10, the company is dedicated to making moving as stress-free as possible. Their updated guide to September 1st Allston Christmas is an invaluable resource for anyone planning to move on this hectic day.

Key Advice from the Guide:

1. Communicate with Your Landlord: Knowing when you can pick up the keys to your new place is crucial. Ensure you’re out of your old apartment before the new tenants arrive, and pick up your new keys ASAP to avoid paying movers to wait around. Ask if you can move in a day or two early or extend your current lease by a few days. Even moving a few days before or after “Allston Christmas” instead of September 1st can save hundreds of dollars on moving costs.

2. Book Movers in Advance: September 1st is one of the busiest moving days in Boston. Schedule your movers as early as possible to secure a spot. Safe Responsible Movers, with their A+ BBB rating and stellar reviews on Yelp and Google, is a reliable choice, but they and other local Boston movers get booked very quickly on this date.

3. Verify Moving Company Credentials: Ensure your movers are licensed and insured. Check their ratings and reviews to avoid any last-minute surprises.

4. Understand Moving Costs: September 1st is the most expensive day to move in Boston. Get a detailed quote upfront, including all potential fees, to avoid unexpected expenses.

5. Secure Moving Permits: Boston’s narrow streets are congested on September 1st. Reserve space for the moving truck by securing a Boston moving permit through your movers, a service like, or directly from the city of Boston

6. Prepare Thoroughly: Have everything packed and labeled before the movers arrive to expedite the process and reduce costs.

7. Plan for Traffic: Boston traffic on September 1st is unpredictable. Allow extra time for your movers to arrive and complete the job, and consider the best routes to avoid peak traffic hours.

8. Pick Up Rental Trucks Early: If renting a truck, get to the rental office by 7 AM or earlier. Rental locations often overbook, and late arrivals may find no trucks available, even with a reservation.

9. Dispose of Unwanted Items: “Allston Christmas” is named for the discarded furniture lining the streets as students move. Use this opportunity to declutter by donating or selling items you no longer need, reducing what you need to move.

“Moving on September 1st in Boston is challenging, but with the right preparation and our updated guide, you can navigate this hectic day more effectively,” said Chris Amaral, Owner of Safe Responsible Movers. “We aim to provide valuable insights and practical advice to make your move as smooth as possible, even on Boston’s busiest moving day.”

For more information or to download the guide, visit . For those unable to avoid moving on September 1st in Boston, consider booking Safe Responsible Movers to ensure a seamless transition.

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