Effective solutions for uneven dispersion of flame retardant masterbatch

Flame retardant masterbatch, is one of the best flame retardant products in plastics and rubber resins. Flame retardant masterbatch is a kind of granular product made by mixing, extruding and pelletizing through twin-screw or three-screw extruders on the basis of flame retardant and organic combination of various flame retardant ingredients, modification and synergistic effect.

Different from flame retardant, flame retardant masterbatch has many advantages such as easy to add in resin, clean and hygienic, high efficiency of flame retardant, small amount of addition, small influence on mechanical properties of resin, not easy to happen delamination, pattern, precipitation and other undesirable phenomena after addition, saving labor, material cost and time.

Due to the advantages of flame retardant efficiency, environmental protection, improved production efficiency, convenience and many other aspects of preventing combustion masterbatch masterbatch used in plastics, it has become an effective alternative to traditional flame retardants and has been used in a large number of plastic pelletizing, extrusion, injection molding and other aspects.

At present to promote the application of flame retardant masterbatch to halogen, phosphorus, nitrogen and inorganic flame retardant masterbatch-based.

There are a number of technical challenges and problems that may be encountered during the production of flame retardant masterbatches. Here are some common questions:

Uneven dispersion: Uneven dispersion of flame retardants in the plastic substrate may lead to uneven material properties.

Processing difficulties: some flame retardants may increase the melt viscosity, leading to difficulties in extrusion processing.

Poor thermal stability: Flame retardants may decompose during high temperature processing, affecting the thermal stability of the product.

Deterioration of physical properties: Adding large amounts of flame retardants may reduce the mechanical properties of the material, such as impact strength and ductility.

Color change: Flame retardants may affect the color of the final product, especially in transparent or light-colored products.

Solutions to improve the dispersion performance of flame retardant masterbatch.

SILIKE silicone hyperdispersants SILIMER 6150 is a modified silicone wax. It is used for surface treatment of inorganics fillers, pigments, flame retardants to improve the dispersion properties.

Flame retardant masterbatch in the granulation process, add the appropriate amount of SILIKE silicone hyperdispersant can significantly improve the processing performance and quality of flame retardant masterbatch, dispersant can make the flame retardant components efficient and uniform dispersion, to avoid the appearance of white particles on the surface of the product, and effectively improve the surface quality, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs; at the same time, to give the product excellent lubrication inside & outside, improve processing, improve the surface of the hydrophobicity, moisture resistance performance is good. It has good moisture resistance.

The effect of adding SILIKE silicone hyperdispersants:

Improved dispersion: SILIKE silicone hyperdispersants SILIMER 6150 can improve the dispersion of flame retardants in plastic substrates, forming a more homogeneous mixture.

Reduce melt viscosity: By improving dispersibility, SILIKE silicone hyperdispersants SILIMER 6150 help reduce melt viscosity and reduce energy consumption during processing.

Does not affect the mechanical properties of the product: The addition of SILIKE silicone hyperdispersants SILIMER 6150 does not affect the mechanical properties of the final product. It will not have a negative impact on the properties of the substrate.

Improve surface quality: adding SILIKE silicone hyperdispersants SILIMER 6150 can make the surface of the product feel smooth and improve the surface quality of the product.

Improve processing efficiency: SILIKE silicone hyperdispersants SILIMER 6150 can improve the processing, enhance the resin processing fluidity, thereby effectively improving production efficiency and product quality.

When using SILIKE silicone hyperdispersants, it is necessary to consider their compatibility with flame retardants and plastic substrates, as well as the impact on the performance of the final product. Silicone hyperdispersants are not only suitable for flame retardant masterbatches, but also widely used in color masterbatches, high filler system masterbatches, functional masterbatches and so on, and suitable for common thermoplastic resins, TPE, TPU and other thermoplastic elastomers, improve the processing performance of materials, improve the dispersion of powder components, and also improve the surface smoothness.

Are you also looking for a dispersant that can enhance the dispersing performance of flame retardant masterbatch, you can learn about SILIKE silicone hyperdispersant, which is believed to bring you a big surprise and enhance the competitiveness of your products.

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