“Unbound Variable: A Hybrid Exhibition” Opens in New York City and New Art City

New York, NY – May 24, 2024 – Underground Art and Design (UAAD) and Not Yet Arts are thrilled to announce the opening of “Unbound Variable,” a groundbreaking hybrid exhibition that bridges the physical and virtual worlds. The exhibition is open to the public from May 23 to May 25 at Sojourner Gallery, located at 178 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10012. And the opening event took place on May 23 at 5 PM at Sojourner Gallery.

Opening speech by Danae Li. In the background: Video introduction by Flavia Mazzanti.

Exhibition Statement: In an era of rapid technological advancement and ecological crisis, “Unbound Variable” highlights the interdependence of organic and synthetic realms while challenging capitalist frameworks that commodify nature and culture. The exhibition features diverse media—digital installations, interactive art, audio-visuals, ecological interventions, etc.—that critique anthropocentric views and advocate for an alternative socio-techno-ecological landscape. By blurring the lines between physical and virtual worlds, “Unbound Variable” invites viewers to explore the transformative power of art beyond traditional boundaries.

The gathering at the gallery

This event marks a venture into a hybrid exhibition, where the boundary between the physical and virtual worlds is blurred. Our curatorial practice in the digital age goes beyond simply mirroring the physical. The theme of this exhibition, “Unbound Variable,” transcends the confines of dimension, scale, gravity, materiality, interaction, and traditional concepts of time and place. It opens up possibilities for more experimental endeavors and enhances accessibility for both artists and art enthusiasts who are unable to visit the physical space.

Unbound Variable’s virtual space on newart.city is projected in the gallery, allowing visitors to experience the exhibition’s digital dimension.

The event featured special guest speakers who shared their personal artistic journeys and professional experiences, inspiring the audience. Qiaosen Yang, the Gallery Coordinator for BLACK BRICK PROJECT, discussed innovative curatorial practices. Tiff Weiyu Liu, the founder of GAIC, highlighted the organization’s global art initiatives. Artists from Teamecho.studio, including Binna Lee, Roy Yang, and Sichun Zhang, shared insights into their creative processes and the intersection of technology and art.

The exhibition hosted several special events that enhanced the visitor experience. On May 24, from 6 to 7 PM, art therapist Stephy Hsu conducted an art therapy session titled “Navigating Change Through Artistic Expression.” The session fostered a relaxed atmosphere with continuous interaction and laughter among participants. Later that evening, from 8 to 11 PM, an unparalleled art party took place in the heart of Manhattan. This event combined multimedia art and music, attracting many art industry insiders, magazine editors, and artists who networked with art world elites. Notable DJs included Adeline Kou, Junyan Chen, and Yuxuan Qi, who added vibrant energy to the social gathering.

The After Party

Featured Artists: Aiping Xu, Alison Chang, Danxiang Wang, David Linchen, Duy Hoàng, Echo Shen, Flavia Mazzanti, Jeanne Xinjun Li, Jizhuo Li, Josh Chen, Lan Luo, Liangchen Sui, Mingyong Cheng, Pauline Galiana, Raine Li, Rosaline Dou, Yage Si, Zhiyan Cai.

Visit us online: https://newart.city/world/unboundvariable

Join us in celebrating the unbound possibilities of art in the digital age, where every interaction contributes to the evolving narrative of creativity and cultural expression.

Team Acknowledgements:

  • Organizers: Not Yet Arts (Global Art Co-Creation Community) and Underground Art And Design (UAAD)

  • Directors: Sichun Zhang, Yalin Hu, Amy Jiang

  • Photographer and Coordinator: Xin Chen

  • Virtual Space Designer: Effy Xinyue Ma

Group photo

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