A Leap into Interactive Design: Duo Exhibition Held in New York

A Leap into Interactive Design: Duo Exhibition Held in New York

Exhibition: A Leap into Interactive Design

On view: May 8 – 14, 2024

Location: John Molloy Gallery 49 E 76th St, New York

Artists: Shuyi Liu & Yachu Feng

The duo exhibition, A Leap into Interactive Design, presents the collaboration works by multidisciplinary artists, Shuyi Liu and Yachu Feng. Together, they define how the language of design could communicate to the audience and reshape their interactions and perceptions of experience through harnessing the transformative expression of art and technology. By transforming the transient qualities of natural elements depicted in the illustrations into interactive acts, their installation and design pieces invite the broad audience to not only participate in but also become integral to the narrative itself.

Exhibition View, Photography by BluBlu, 2024

Their collaboration work, Ephemeral Odyssey, transformed the clouds and seas depicted in the artists’ illustrations into interactive experiences. This interactive art installation features expressive landscape illustrations that animate with particle effects, dynamically responding to visitors’ movements and facial expressions. Through simple actions, scanning the QR code and making expressions to their cameras, audiences can take control of the installation. Visitors directly influence the visual dynamics of the piece, transforming the landscape with their expressions and movements—blinking to switch backgrounds, tilting their heads to adjust exposure, and blinking again to alter layers.

Exhibition View, Photography by BluBlu, 2024

By governing the conversation between people and machines, the exhibition elevates audiences from passive observers to active participants in the artwork’s unfolding story. As audiences engage with the responsive installations, their movements and expressions become the language through which art speaks, creating a dynamic exchange that reflects both the complexity and potential of this dialogue. Through such immersive interplay, the exhibition invites individuals to explore their own role in the evolving landscape of technology, offering a unique opportunity to influence and be influenced by the art that surrounds them. In these circumstances, each gesture and glance is a statement, contributing to a collective narrative that captures the imagination and challenges perceptions.

Exhibition View, Photography by BluBlu, 2024

The exhibition also showcases a diverse range of design pieces from Shuyi Liu and Yachu Feng’s collaborative practice, varying across multiple mediums. It includes brand design works, digital videos, and board game designs, each reflecting their unique approach to blending artistic expression with modern technology. 

Exhibition View, Photography by BluBlu, 2024

Echoing the words of the renowned media philosopher Marshall McLuhan, “Art at its most significant is a Distant Early Warning System that can always be relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen.” The duo artists embody McLuhan’s prescient vision, where art serves as a crucial medium that informs and transforms culture in advance, casting light on and foreseeing cultural transformations through the expressive medium of interactive art and technology. As pioneers in the realm of interactive design, Shuyi Liu and Yachu Feng have crafted a showcase that not only presents their cutting-edge concepts but also actively explores the future of artistic design communication. Through their innovative use of technology in art, they serve as forerunners in the ever-evolving dialogue between society and artistic innovation.

Artists Intro: 

Shuyi Liu, a designer specializing in service experience, combines empathy and innovation with a focus on enhancing human well-being. Educated in communication engineering and design, her projects, like therapeutic board games and journaling apps, have earned international recognition. Liu values designs that balance functionality, emotional engagement, and societal impact, aiming to improve quality of life. Her favorite project, ‘AirSphere,’ integrates mindfulness into gameplay, reflecting her commitment to mental health and community building. Staying inspired by social change and her Chinese cultural heritage, Liu’s creative process involves extensive research and community feedback, ensuring her designs remain relevant and impactful.

Yachu Feng, a distinguished product designer from Tsinghua University and IIT Institute of Design, specializes in enhancing user experiences through innovative design. With accolades and collaborations from leading universities, Feng’s work at Round Feather has impacted clients like Capital Group and Google, notably in the ‘Paven’ app development. Committed to meaningful design, Feng sees it as a blend of creativity, functionality, and empathy, aimed at simplifying complexity. Projects like “Homeless Prevention in Chicago” showcase Feng’s passion for social change, employing design to address societal issues. Constantly inspired by community engagement, Feng integrates societal elements and empathy into designs, making the ordinary extraordinary.

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