This Children’s Day, join ANTA Kids on the path towards carbon neutrality

Children’s Day is a holiday where children can embrace their innocence and joy, celebrating both their growth and potential. This year, ANTA Kids provided a unique Children’s Day experience through an eco-themed event titled “Embarking on the Path to Carbon Neutrality with You.” Families visited ANTAZERO and explored the marvels of sustainable regeneration. Children engaged in an eco-friendly craft workshop, drawing inspiration from seeds to create their own environmentally-friendly artworks. ANTA Kids aspires for this innovative event to serve as the beginning of a journey towards carbon neutrality, inviting children to become “carbon neutral” allies and join them on this significant path.

Creating an Immersive “Carbon Neutral” Experience: Inspiring Environmental Stewardship from a Young Age

In celebration of Children’s Day, ANTA Kids welcomed children and parents to explore ANTAZERO. This landmark store, the first in China’s footwear and apparel industry to achieve carbon-neutral certification by a recognized authority, embodies eco-friendly and sustainable design principles. Visitors have the opportunity to engage with a variety of sustainable experiences, including purchasing environmentally-friendly products, viewing sustainability-themed art installations, reading books on sustainability topics, and participating in workshops focused on product reconstruction.

The children were mesmerized by the store’s unique decorations. Through the staff’s explanations, they discovered that these decorations were crafted from recycled materials, emphasizing maximum reuse. Additionally, the sustainable art installations creatively illustrated the process of product recycling, offering the children a profound insight into the “carbon neutral” lifestyle concept.

In the creative craft area, the children unleashed their boundless imaginations. They used waste paper, fabric scraps, and sunflower seeds to create unique “sunflower seeds” that were then incorporated into the store’s artistic display.

Actions Speak Louder than Words: Engaging Children in Environmental Activities for a Tangible Impact

ANTA Kids understands the power of action over words. The brand recently invited children to join the “Carbon Neutral” volunteer group, providing them with a special Children’s Day gift—the SEED. This innovative running shoe, ANTA Kids’ first recyclable model, is crafted from TPU materials.

When these shoes reach the end of their life, they can be recycled and processed into new raw materials, ready to be transformed into new shoes for consumers. Recycling a single pair of these running shoes reduces carbon emissions by approximately 1.048kg. This reduction is equivalent to saving 12 plastic bottles (500ml each) or 134 plastic bags (around 3g each) from waste disposal. Furthermore, the carbon reduction achieved by recycling four pairs of these shoes equates to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by one tree in a year.

Environmental protection is not about slogans but about ongoing actions. ANTA Kids embodies this philosophy with their recyclable running shoes. The brand aims to plant the seed of environmental responsibility in children’s hearts, hoping it will blossom as they grow. As children outgrow their shoes, they can return their old running shoes to the store in exchange for a new pair. This process allows the “seed” of sustainability to be recycled and given new life.

Children were thrilled to receive this special Children’s Day gift, with many eagerly putting on their new running shoes. The parent of young Tiantian expressed their delight: “We are very happy to participate in this environmental activity today. It has been a special Children’s Day for both our child and us. We hope to instill environmental awareness in her from a young age so she can understand the importance of environmental protection while playing.”

ANTA Kids’ event was designed to instill the principles of green, eco-friendly, and healthy living in the future stewards of the Earth. By embarking on the path to “carbon neutrality” together, the brand aims to turn children into allies in protecting the planet.

Living in Harmony with the Environment: ANTA Kids Promotes Environmental Awareness through Action

ANTA Kids continues to promote environmental awareness through action. Beyond creating the recyclable running shoes the SEED and organizing the Children’s Day “carbon neutral” event, ANTA Kids collaborates with the World Wildlife Fund to advance environmental sustainability and biodiversity protection. Their initiatives include Earth Hour, protecting the Yangtze finless porpoise, and caring for wild giant pandas. These efforts demonstrate the importance of environmental protection to China’s new generation through tangible actions.

Looking ahead, ANTA Kids is dedicated to upholding the group’s ESG principles, integrating sustainable development into every aspect of the brand’s growth. Through a diverse range of eco-friendly products and activities, ANTA Kids invites more children to engage in environmental practices. The brand also hopes that more individuals and companies will focus on environmental protection and the harmony between humanity and nature, taking daily actions to safeguard our planet. Together, we can all embark on the path to carbon neutrality.

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