A Moving Cinematic Journey Through Spiritual Realms – AnayaMusic Unveils “The Vortex”

A Moving Cinematic Journey Through Spiritual Realms - AnayaMusic Unveils "The Vortex"
Celebrated composer-filmmaker AnayaMusic captures the essence of universal love with new single and video from award-winning album “Bliss”

AnayaMusic’s latest project, “The Vortex,” explores the powerful concept of energy vortices—places on Earth believed to have elevated spiritual energies due to their unique geologies or histories.

This new single is a sonic embodiment of these mystical sites, crafted to guide listeners through a transformative experience of renewal and enlightenment. The accompanying album, “Bliss,” serves as a backdrop to this journey, featuring tracks that delve into themes of humanization, compassion, and divine love.

“Bliss” has achieved remarkable success, sweeping awards at several prestigious international festivals. The captivating record was recognized at the Stingray Music Awards in France and the Great Britain Silver Screen Awards, where it won Best Music Video and Best Producer, among other accolades.

Additionally, the album received honors at the New Cinema Festival in Dublin and the AIRFLIX Film Fest in London, further cementing Anaya’s status as a leading figure in New Age music and filmmaking.

The music video for “The Vortex” was meticulously crafted by Anaya alongside sound designer Jeff Silverman and AnayaMusic Kunst, who also mixed and mastered the track in Dolby Atmos. This team’s dedication to quality and detail is evident in the video’s ability to transport viewers into a fifth-dimensional vortex of love, promoting peace and happiness among all beings.

Through her music and visuals, Anaya not only aims to entertain but also to facilitate a collective ascension into higher states of consciousness where compassion and transcendence are not just ideals but realities.

Anaya Kunst holds multiple advanced degrees and is a respected member of several prestigious industry bodies, including the GRAMMY®, ASCAP, and LIT Talent Awards. Her expertise as a keyboardist and her scholarly approach to music and filmmaking allow her to create works that are not only artistically profound but also healing. Her tracks are crafted to resonate with the universal vibration of love and peace, making her music a sanctuary for those seeking solace and inspiration.

With “The Vortex” and the album “Bliss,” AnayaMusic continues to push the boundaries of what music and film can achieve in terms of personal and collective healing. As she shares her visionary art with the world, Anaya remains committed to her mission of using her creative expressions to foster a more compassionate and enlightened global community.

Stream “Bliss” today and follow the artist’s beautiful journey into the world of New Age.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/5v7dde8BjZI?si=n3wczgFBJMSS58CJ


Anaya Kunst, performing under the moniker AnayaMusic, is a prolific New Age composer and filmmaker whose work has garnered international acclaim across all continents. With a profound dedication to uplifting the human spirit, Anaya has seamlessly blended her musical talents with visual storytelling, earning her a reputation as a transformative artist in both the music and film industries. Her accolades include numerous awards for her exceptional ability to convey deep spiritual and metaphysical themes through her compositions and films.



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