SubSchool Is Launching a K12 Course Creation Competition

Anyone creating online courses for school students or wanting to try them has the opportunity to get a free promotion of their course from SubSchool and win prizes up to $750 if they participate in two tracks at once. Authors with experience are welcome to participate, as well as teachers, tutors, and professionals who want to create their first online course.

How to participate

Create courses on the SubSchool platform between June 1 and August 31. Authors can create new courses or upload courses that they have created previously and posted elsewhere. From September 1 through November 30, SubSchool will attract students. And based on which courses are viewed or purchased by the most students, winners will be announced in December. Also recommended filling out a marketing support form so that SubSchool can advertise participant’s courses for free during the contest process. But it’s not necessary for participation.

Why enter the competition

SubSchool is a new and actively growing course creation platform specialized for school students. By creating a course here the author will meet significantly less competition and get the most targeted audience of learners possible.

Within the competition, there is a track for free courses, thanks to which even free courses can bring money. And with a paid course authors will get an additional channel of promotion and sales, and the prize can be a good addition to sales.

Additionally, this competition is a prime opportunity for professional development. By engaging with a community of like-minded educators and receiving feedback from a diverse audience, authors can refine their instructional strategies and expand their educational repertoire. This is more than just a contest; it’s a professional journey that encourages growth, innovation, and collaboration. The experience gained from participating can significantly enhance credentials and open new avenues for career advancement within the educational sector. 

What kind of course to create

Anyone who hasn’t created a course before can build on what they are familiar with to create the first one. Tutors can gather a list of topics that they typically explain to students, record explaining it on camera as if it were explaining it to a student, and organize the records into a course. Teachers usually have a program of lessons they teach in the classroom, and can use that as the basis for the course. And specialists in a certain field could remember what steps helped them to enter the profession. Remember what and how they studied and based on that create a course program and record the lessons.

Creating a course on SubSchool offers numerous benefits for educators looking to expand their impact beyond the traditional classroom. Whoever is developing the courses, taps into a broader audience that may not have access to their teachings otherwise. This not only amplifies their educational reach but also allows them to build a personal brand as an expert in the field. Additionally, creating courses encourages continuous learning and adaptation, keeping teaching methods fresh and engaging. Whether someone wants to earn extra income or share their passion for a subject, SubSchool provides a straightforward platform to achieve these goals with ease.

What is SubSchool

SubSchool is an EdTech startup created by only 3 people. They have gone from an idea to a working platform and plan to develop it in the direction of maximum automation of routine tasks of a teacher. By saving time a teacher will be able to spend more time with students, develop professionally, and simply do more courses. This way teachers can earn money and students can get better and more affordable additional education.

Here’s what the founder of SubSchool, Maksim Mamchur, says about the platform: “SubSchool is a platform for tutors, teachers, and course authors of school and additional subjects. Easily create courses and sell from a single lesson. Get automatic school creation, homework checking, and lesson schedules. Get income from being a good teacher without marketing or IT knowledge.”


In conclusion, the SubSchool course creation competition is a gateway to enhancing professional identity and pedagogical skills. It is an invitation to educators nationwide to challenge themselves, to innovate, and to contribute profoundly to the educational landscape. Seize this opportunity to be recognized for dedication to education, to gain invaluable insights, and to potentially transform the way students learn. This competition isn’t just about what to teach; it’s about how to inspire.

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