“The Veil Unveiled: Exploring Mysteries of Faith and Judgment” by George Gonzalez

"The Veil Unveiled: Exploring Mysteries of Faith and Judgment" by George Gonzalez

Author George Gonzalez, a visionary writer, and spiritual mentor unveils another book that will journey readers about Jewish customs, fasting, observing the Sabbath, the Tallit, Messiah’s Helix Code, and the Torn Veil. “KRIAH featuring “The Ancient One”: ‘The Mystery of the Torn Veil unleashes the hidden doorway in Kriah, all who have access are believers of Messiah Yahushua. 

Gonzalez combines literary, historical, and theological approaches in this study of the doctrine of the Torn Veil  and the Great White Throne . He also explained the ancient Jewish custom relating to Jewish tradition and how it was carried out during Yahushua’s interrogation and also by our Heavenly Father at the end of Messiah’s execution. Throughout this book, Gonzalez exhibits a willingness to face hard questions as well as an appropriate reverence for a faith that for almost two thousand years has enabled millions of people to lead lives of meaning and grace. 

Gonzalez writes that nothing can be kept secret from Him. There is no barrier in between His gaze and our most secret thoughts and actions. The white color of the throne shows that the judgments are pure and holy. He who sits on it is impartial. He cannot be bought, corrupted, or negotiated with. 

The premise of his work is to have the readers know that One day each of us will have to give an account to the one seated on the throne. He is the one who has the final authority to judge our lives and the decisions we make. Your boss, neighbor, or teacher will not be on the throne. Neither will even your parents or your spouse. Our goal should be to live in such a way as to please the one on the throne. 

“KRIAH featuring “The Ancient One”: ‘The Mystery of the Torn Veil, tells many ways for us to be strengthened and encouraged to live a positive and peaceful life with God/Creator. This book will truly uplift many failing and weakened souls. This will help you to be more hopeful and faithful. This is a good spiritual, Christian and Hebraic read. To purchase all George Gonzalez books, or for someone you love, they are available in the following bookstores, Page Turner, Kent WA, Book Owl Books, Portsmouth, VA , and Booksmart, Morgan Hill, CA. 

“KRIAH featuring “The Ancient One”: The Mystery of the Torn Veil” By George Gonzalez 

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About the Author 

A native Floridian, George retired from the Department of Defense as a Dental Ceramist in 2014. An avid reader of numerous Bibles, he began to see the Word of Elohim not only as a masterpiece of the written word but as a living, ready to perform, expression penned by His servants. George’s experience is in testing the Word. His faith, as well as seeing the evidence of truth, comes to life on a continual basis, leaving no doubt. The challenge is for everyone to step out in sincerity. God, who is all-knowing, knows your name and will communicate precisely the way you need to be made aware. George formerly ministered as a Chaplain and radio Bible teacher as well as led a mission outreach in South Florida. He has authored four books with a Hebraic point of view, as Elohim’s scrolls were written. Presently George runs a website, Kingoverus.com

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