New Book Offers a Path to Wellness Through Faith and Devotion

New Book Offers a Path to Wellness Through Faith and Devotion
Mary Kathryn Clark’s book “Do You Want To Get Well?: A 31-Day Guide to Daily Devotions” offers a blend of spiritual and practical guidance for achieving holistic wellness, drawn from her life experiences and professional expertise in education and counseling. The book, conceived years ago and completed at the age of ninety-one, uses a daily devotional format to encourage personal growth and spiritual health, with music playing a pivotal role.

Mary Kathryn Clark’s latest book, “Do You Want To Get Well?: A 31-Day Guide to Daily Devotions,” is a deeply personal guide that offers readers a path to holistic health through daily devotionals and faith. This unique book provides practical and spiritual insights drawn from the author’s extensive background in education, counseling, and personal experiences.

Born from a manuscript initially penned in 2015 and rediscovered years later, Mary Kathryn, at ninety-one, felt a divine urge to complete her work. Despite technological challenges and with help from a skilled friend, the manuscript was revived from its original format. This journey from forgotten draft to published work is a testament to the author’s dedication and belief in her message.

Mary Kathryn Clark has a rich background in teaching and counseling. She has worked extensively in public schools, directed private educational programs, and maintained a successful counseling practice, focusing on a wide range of client issues, including women’s matters and family counseling. A minister’s wife for thirty-two years, she has also played a significant role in spiritual education through various church-related activities.

“Do You Want To Get Well?” is structured around a 31-day program, each offering reflections and activities designed to enhance physical, mental, social, and spiritual health. Music, a significant element of Mary Kathryn’s daily quiet time, plays a vital role in this guide, with hymns and modern praise songs integrated into the devotions to foster a closer relationship with God.

This book is an invitation to embark on a journey of healing and discovery led by a woman whose life has been a profound testament to the power of faith and resilience.

Available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, “Do You Want To Get Well?” is a beacon of hope for anyone seeking to improve their life through devotion and faith. Embark on your 31-day journey to wellness with Mary Kathryn Clark’s inspirational guide, a testament to faith, perseverance, and the transformative power of devotion.

About the Book

Rediscovered in an old garage box, a manuscript initially deemed lost to time becomes a beacon of hope and healing. This guide, forged from the wisdom of a nonagenarian educator and counselor, offers a transformative 31-day journey towards wellness. Each day presents a new devotional, blending ancient hymns and modern praise songs with practical advice and spiritual insights, designed to uplift your body, mind, and spirit. Embrace this path to renewal, and uncover a profound connection with the divine, tailored to nurture every facet of your being.

Praise for “Do You Want To Get Well?: A 31-Day Guide to Daily Devotions”

“…her writings are indeed a motivating force…” – Annette, Amazon Review

“…a unique approach to a daily devotional guide…” – C Romanick, Amazon Review

“…a well written, easy to follow 31-day devotional…” – Marcy Cormier, Amazon Review

About the Author

Mary Kathryn Clark brings over five decades of invaluable experience in education and counseling to her writings. A resident of Winchester, Virginia, she has served as a licensed professional counselor since 1986 and has a rich history in teaching and supervising students from kindergarten through college. Beyond her professional endeavors, she has lived a life of service as a minister’s wife for thirty-two years, deeply engaging with her community and church. Mary Kathryn’s writings are imbued with the wisdom gained from her personal and professional challenges, and her books aim to guide others to find fulfillment and peace through spirituality and self-awareness.

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