Bridging the Musical Epochs with a Compelling and Modern Twist – Introducing Del Piombo

Bridging the Musical Epochs with a Compelling and Modern Twist - Introducing Del Piombo
Connecticut’s Celebrated and Rising Composer, David Anderson Cosgrove Revolutionizes Classical Music with His Cutting-Edge Technology

Imagine a world where Mozart and Beethoven have access to digital audio workstations—this is the innovative universe where Del Piombo thrives. Recording under various aliases such as David Cosgrove, Makkiwhipdies, and Midnight Ambassadors, Del Piombo has released over 150 songs, each a testament to his versatility and deep understanding of both classical and modern musical genres.

His latest album, “A Hero Emerges” suitably encompasses the breadth and depth of his musical range and experience. The artist’s dynamic works span Ambient, Classical, Dance, Electronic, Experimental, New Age, Progressive Rock, and World music, making him one of Connecticut’s most diverse and celebrated composers.

Del Piombo’s music is about telling stories and evoking emotions through sound. His commitment to excellence is demonstrated through his meticulous production process, where every piece of music is written, produced, engineered, and performed by him. His dedication to quality is further evidenced by his choice to master all his music at Abbey Road Studios in London, working with the award-winning engineer Simon Gibson.

Beyond his personal achievements, music runs deep in Del Piombo’s family. His grandfather, John Nelson Cosgrove, was a member of the Silly Center Opera Company in New York City, alongside cultural giants like Pulitzer Prize-winning author Carl Sandburg and virtuoso Spanish guitarist Andrés Segovia. This rich heritage has undoubtedly shaped Del Piombo’s artistic vision and his approach to music as a form of legacy.

Del Piombo’s influence extends beyond his compositions. Recognized by music industry legends, including Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull who praised his 1996 album as “brilliant and witty,” Del Piombo has cemented his place in the music world as a creator of profound and enduring art. His tracks, such as those found on his albums “The Del Piombo Sound” and others available on Spotify, showcase his ability to craft music that resonates across generations.

As Del Piombo continues to explore the intersections of history and modernity in music, he is also open to collaborations, seeking to use his extensive experience to mentor and produce for other artists. Interested parties can follow his journey through his social media platforms, all linked through his website, and contact him for interviews, reviews, and collaborative opportunities.

Del Piombo remains a pivotal figure in not only preserving classical influences but also in redefining them for the modern era, inviting listeners and fellow artists alike to join him in this ongoing musical expedition.

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David Anderson Cosgrove, performing under the pseudonym Del Piombo, is a vanguard of musical composition in East Granby, Connecticut. With a career spanning over three decades, Del Piombo has dedicated his life to fusing the rich textures of classical music with the dynamic rhythms of progressive rock and the expansive landscapes of electronic and ambient sounds. This seasoned composer, multi-instrumental musician, producer, engineer, and performer has consistently pushed the boundaries of music, aiming to connect the profound musical expressions of the 18th century with the limitless possibilities of today’s digital tools.









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