Introducing Sue’s Strategies® groundbreaking, 2024 text, a masterpiece of phonetic instruction

Introducing Sue's Strategies® groundbreaking, 2024 text, a masterpiece of phonetic instruction
Sue’s Strategies Best Reading Spelling Methods Ages 6 -60, Parent & Teacher Training Text Amazon:

In the past few years, 37 states have passed laws requiring phonetic reading instruction for all children because research has proven that these Science of Reading methods result in reading success. Emily Hanford, the APM author of “Sold A Story”, informed the public of the prevalence of faulty reading instruction known as “3 Cueing” in American schools. Because most universities have not offered courses in methods of phonetic instruction, teachers need to be retrained.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress tests 4th and 8th graders annually. Their statistics reveal that 68% of American children failed to pass proficiency tests in reading, and 30% of those children lacked basic reading skills. These statistics have remained unchanged for many years. However, in states that recently converted their reading instruction to evidence-based phonics, the reading scores rose dramatically. Sue’s Strategies® new text, her twentieth publication, provides parents and teachers with the knowledge and practices they need to ensure every individual’s civil right to learn to read. With a Sue’s Strategies® program, children and adults learn to read with 90% accuracy within one year.

Special Features of Sue’s Strategies® New Text:

  • The text provides easy-to-understand explanations for each phonetic concept.
  • Instruction for every skill includes three memory tactics: colorful illustrations, a pattern, and a story or rhyme
  • Specific, YouTube Sue’s Strategies’® Channel animated videos are listed for teaching each new phonetic fact and later for reviewing the information.
  • The text contains 100, colorfully illustrated flashcards for sound-to-letter correspondence and usage, as needed, for single letters, letter teams, and suffixes.
  • Two worksheets for each phonetic skill serve as models for student practice.
  • Sue’s Strategies® tiny, original spelling stories facilitate memorizing irregular spellings in groups of similar words.
  • This text offers clear, direct teaching of spelling rules, prefixes, and suffixes
  • Sue’s Strategies® presents phonetic, teaching tools in explicit, sequential, evidence-based procedures.
  • Sue’s Strategies® presents some original and useful reading techniques like the Super Suffix and the “I who Says E.”
  • The Sue’s Strategies® methodology works well with many students: average, above average, gifted, dyslexic, dysgraphic, ESL, mildly autistic. Students achieve 90% reading accuracy within a year.

Only Sue’s Strategies® combines multimedia, multi-sensory, and multi-mnemonic instruction. Six workbooks, available from Amazon, provide drill and practice: Syllable Practice for Reading Accuracy & Fluency 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5.

“Sue’s Strategies create an innovative, valuable, and inspired approach to reading & writing.” Edward Hallowell, MD, author of Driven to Distraction

“A must-have resource for parents and educators. Sue’s Strategies are highly effective. They are clearly demonstrated so that teachers, parents, and students can readily master them!” Mary Procnow, Parent & Teacher

Benefits of an Effective, Phonetic, Reading Program

  • Most students will achieve reading proficiency on the NAEP tests and graduate high school.
  • Schools will save hundreds of thousands of dollars on special education programs because children will read on or above grade level.
  • Fewer children will suffer from anxiety, depression, or bullying due to their inability to read and their ensuing lack of self-esteem.
  • The pipeline to prison will be reduced since readers can usually qualify for paying jobs instead of turning to crime.

About Susan B. Kahn

Sue Kahn is an education pioneer, revolutionizing how people acquire literacy skills. Through her innovative techniques, children and adults can achieve an impressive 90% reading accuracy in just one year. Sue propels Dr. Orton’s teachings into the 21st century by seamlessly integrating multimedia, multi-sensory, and multi-mnemonic instruction. Sue also uses these techniques for teaching grammar, comprehension, and writing skills

Because Sue’s dyslexic, dysgraphic son could not read or write at the end of first grade and because her Master’s Degree in Education did not give her the tools to teach her son, Susan completed thirty additional graduate credits in special needs plus an Orton-Gillingham language therapy certification from Massachusetts General Hospital. Then she taught her child to read and write. He graduated from college with a BS degree and from business school with an MBA.

Based on her personal experiences, Susan’s career focus changed to children with learning challenges. She taught dyslexic and dysgraphic students in MA public schools and adults for the MA Rehabilitation Commission. Susan now tutors private students, writes books, creates videos and blogs, and advocates for children. Discover the difference Sue’s Strategies® solutions can make!

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Would you help a loved one or a group of children become happier, more productive people? For $35.00, you can find the tools to enrich their lives in Best Reading Spelling Methods, Ages 6 – 60, Parent & Teacher Training Text. Use Sue’s Strategies® to give the gift of reading and writing.

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