Guilin Hongcheng Is Aluminum Hydroxide Vertical Mill Manufacturers, To Introduce Its Main Application Market

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Aluminum hydroxide vertical grinding mill

Aluminium hydroxide is a widely used chemical product, good chemical stability, non-toxic, tasteless, has become an essential filler in electrician, electronics, paper making, medicine and other industries. With the superrefinement of aluminum hydroxide, the surface electronic structure and crystal structure change, resulting in the surface effect and size effect, so that it has unique properties in chemical activity, electrical performance, surface properties and other aspects, and has many special functions. The aluminum hydroxide powder produced by aluminum hydroxide vertical mill is not only a functional material in itself, but also provides a broad application prospect for the development of new materials, and plays an extremely important role in various fields of national economy. Guilin Hongcheng as aluminum hydroxide vertical mill manufacturers, today for you to introduce the main application market of aluminum hydroxide.

Main application market of aluminum hydroxide:

1.Combustion retardant industry: aluminum hydroxide has moderate hardness, stable physical and chemical properties at room temperature, non-toxic, and low production cost. Aluminum hydroxide heated to about 220C began to heat absorption decomposition, release the combined water. Because this endothermic dehydration process delays the combustion of the polymer and slows down the combustion rate. It is based on the decomposition of a large amount of heat absorption, and only release water steam in the heat decomposition, and will not produce toxic, flammable or corrosive gas, aluminum hydroxide has become an important inorganic flame retardant filler.

2.Filler and supplement of adhesive and sealant: Aluminum hydroxide filler can improve the processing performance, strength, thermal conductivity and thermal expansion performance of adhesive and sealant, and can reduce the amount of adhesive and reduce the product cost. Binder consumption in Europe and the US is growing by about 5% a year, and demand for sealants is growing by 1% in Europe.      

3.Paper packing: aluminum hydroxide in the paper industry, mainly used as surface coating, filler and the production of non-combustible paper. As early as in the 1940s and 1950s, aluminum hydroxide began to develop and use as a coating pigment, and has formed a stable production scale, mainly used for the production of coated paper and cardboard, carbon carbon paper. In China, the application of aluminum hydroxide in paper industry is less, with the development and production of ultrafine aluminum hydroxide, the application of aluminum hydroxide in paper industry will continue to increase. Aluminum hydroxide, as a new type of coating pigment, compared with the traditional pigment, it itself has many advantages: high whiteness, fine grain size, good crystal shape, good compatibility performance with the whitening agent, good ink absorption. Using it as a pigment, can improve the whiteness, opacity, smoothness, ink absorption of coated paper, can be used in the production of painting paper, photographic paper and advanced dictionary paper and other advanced paper.        

4.Toothpaste friction agent: aluminum hydroxide is non-toxic and tasteless, Mohs hardness 2.5-3.5, soft and hard moderate, is a good neutral friction agent, aluminum hydroxide instead of the traditional ingredients of chalk and dicalcium phosphate can be made into a toothpaste with good performance. The chemical inertia of aluminum hydroxide makes it compatible with other ingredients in toothpaste; meanwhile, it is widely used in pharmaceutical toothpaste and other high-grade toothpaste.   

5.Medicine and others: Aluminium hydroxide is one of the main components of gastric medicine. Aluminum gel is a traditional medicine for neutralizing stomach acid and treating stomach problems. Aluminum chloride prepared from aluminum hydroxide as raw material can be used as a condensant in medicine and cosmetics. In addition, aluminum hydroxide and its specially processed baked aluminum oxide have been widely used in chemical drugs, catalysts, plastics, coatings, ceramics, refractory materials, insulation materials, abrasives and other fields.  

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Aluminum hydroxide vertical grinding mill

The particle size of aluminum hydroxide directly affects its flame retardant and filling performance. With the thinning of the particle size, the surface area of aluminum hydroxide particles is increasing, which is conducive to the improvement of their flame retardant performance. The finer the particle size of the powder, the higher the oxygen limiting index of the material. The aluminum hydroxide vertical mill produced by Guilin Hongcheng can be processed with 3-45 μ m aluminum hydroxide, which is the ideal equipment for the production of aluminum hydroxide ultrafine powder, using dry system powder, energy saving and environmental protection. If you have the purchase demand of aluminum hydroxide vertical mill, please call us for the details of the equipment 

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