“The Law of the Land Entwined in Choice”: an Unputdownable Book that Explores the Interplay Between Divine Will and Human Choices

Author and philosopher, Alice Wimberly is thrilled to announce the release of her latest book titled, The Law of the Land Entwined in Choice. Just as the title suggests, this stimulating and inspiring book scrutinizes the intricate connection between divine will, natural law, and human choice. The Law of the Land Entwined in Choice helps one to see how human choices should align with God’s law and divine will.

Humans naturally tend to lean towards making choices that satisfy their carnal cravings paying no attention to the reality of the punitive damages. Alice describes in her book that we are to suffer the consequences of choices that are not in harmony with God’s divine will.

Drawing from a diverse range of philosophy, theology, and legal perspectives, The Law of the Land Entwined in Choice invites readers to grasp how humans navigate through the convoluted processes of making choices where fleshly desires clash with God’s will. Alice points out at the center of the book that while humans possess the freedom of choice, their choices are limited by legal statutes and divine law.

Published by IngramSpark, this book comes at a time when society is grappling with issues of legal uncertainty, moral relativism, and ethical ambiguity. Whether you are finding it difficult to understand the complexities of making everyday choices, this groundbreaking book will offer you proper guidance.

Through a series of thought-provoking scenarios such as landmark court cases, readers are opportune to ponder basic questions bordering justice and the nature of freedom. The enrapturing narrative style of Alice Wimberly makes The Law of the Land Entwined in Choice highly relatable as the complex intersection of personal choice and divine will is untwined.

The author leaves a message to readers to always ensure that their choices are not in discord with the divine law.

The Law of the Land Entwined in Choice is available in bookstores. For more information or to purchase a copy visit Amazon.

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Alice Wimberly is a prolific author and philosopher whose literal works border mainly on unraveling the essence of humans aligning their choices with the divine law. She has authored many inspiring and educating books such as The Price of Freedom. 

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