Introducing Adepti: Revolutionizing Talent Management With AI Powered Skills Development

Today marks a significant milestone in the world of talent management. Adepti, a cutting-edge skills management solution announces its market entry, with the mission to redefine how organizations harness the power of their workforce. 

A transformative AI-powered software designed to optimize talent alignment, Adepti drives productivity and fosters continuous skill development. Its comprehensive platform empowers businesses to unearth hidden talents, leverage upskilling and reskilling, and future-proof their workforce. 

Adepti ignites companies to usher into a new era of skills-based management. Through this innovative approach, organizations can streamline their staff allocation, find suitable talent in a tight labor market, and enable effective, personalized, and cost-efficient learning pathways for a diverse workforce. 

By leveraging Adepti’s precise skill ontology, real-time insights, and accurate labor market data, companies can automate their skills management and gain unique insights for better workforce planning and talent management. Without the burden of manual work, HR teams avoid mistakes and save precious time when mapping skills to specific roles, projects, or tasks.

With Adepti, organizations can also benchmark their internal skill capabilities against current industry standards. The platform is capable of analyzing labor market data including job postings, salary trends, and demand-supply patterns for specific skills and roles to offer valuable insights into the competitive landscape and talent market conditions. 

Adepti’s AI-powered algorithm assesses employee profiles, performance evaluations, training records, and project assignments to generate actionable insights into skills gaps, redundancies, and strengths. With these insights, organizations can make informed decisions about talent acquisition, training programs, career development pathways, and succession planning.“We are thrilled to unveil Adepti and bring a new era of innovation to the field of talent management,” says Alex Hollander, Co-Founder of Adepti. “The paradigm is changing and the days of focusing talent management on degrees and job titles are numbered. Today, 87% of companies experience skill gaps, while 41% of employees leave due to the lack of career development.”

Joost Smit, Co-Founder of Adepti, says, “As organizations are moving from fixed jobs and hierarchical models to a more flexible environment, the ability to effectively manage and leverage talent has never been more critical. Upskilling and reskilling employees can save companies up to €56,300 per worker, and Adepti provides a powerful solution to this challenge, empowering businesses to increase employee engagement and retention to unleash the full potential of their workforce.”

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About Adepti:

Adepti is a proactive, AI-powered talent management platform that allows companies to identify, develop, manage, and connect internal talent to increase employee engagement and job satisfaction.

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