Architect Alexandra Vives Reflects on Her Journey and Mentorship in Architecture

In the dynamic field of architecture and interior design, projects often begin with a spark of inspiration. For some, it’s a transformative moment; for others, a gradual realization. However, for architect Alexandra Vives, her path to prominence emerged from the steady guidance and unwavering support of a mentor—her father.

Reflecting on the genesis of her career, Alexandra recounts a poignant memory from her childhood in Lima, Peru. At the tender age of nine, while navigating the bustling streets with her father, a random encounter with a street vendor selling architecture tools ignited a flame within her. It was a simple ruler purchased by her father that became the symbol of her unwavering commitment to architecture, marking beginning of her lifelong passion.

Yet, like any journey of self-discovery, Alexandra faced her fair share of challenges. Learning to embrace critique and foster a collaborative spirit were pivotal lessons that propelled her growth. Embracing a mindset of continuous improvement, she strove to surpass previous achievements while valuing the unique brilliance inherent in each individual.

As Alexandra delved deeper into the field, her distinct style began to take shape—an approach rooted in empathy and emotional resonance. Rejecting conventional finding inspiration in the works of Jane Jacobs and Christopher Alexander she developed what she calls “frequency architecture,” a harmonious interplay between human and built environment.

The early stages of her career saw Alexandra immersed in residential projects, honing her craft under the guidance of a mentor who nurtured her unconventional approach. Recalling those formative days, Alexandra acknowledges the profound impact collaboration has in fueling innovation.

However, it was during the tumultuous period of the pandemic that Alexandra faced her greatest test yet. Amidst uncertainty and adversity, she channeled her creativity into various endeavors, ultimately finding success in graphic design and securing prestigious projects working for big names like Giorgio Armani, Sicurezza, TinyMoose Canada, as well as local Peruvian brands.

Now, as a Design Project Specialist in the United States, she remains steadfast in her commitment to excellence. Her determination, creativity, and self-awareness set her apart, driving her to push boundaries and seek new opportunities for growth.

Currently, Alexandra is immersed in several residential projects, including an exquisite ski vacation home and a stunning seafront apartment in Miami. These ventures, though challenging, have imparted invaluable lessons, shaping Alexandra’s professional journey.

Reflecting on her educational background, she credits the Universidad de Lima for providing a holistic approach to architecture, blending creativity with business acumen. 

She also acknowledges the profound influence of mentors such as Karen Takano and Ramiro Pascal, whose guidance and support have been instrumental in shaping her trajectory.

In essence, Alexandra’s architectural journey is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and mentorship. As she continues to push the boundaries of design, remaining committed to creating spaces that resonate with the human experience, never settling for outdated beliefs and pursuing her inspiration.

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