Expert Divorce Attorney and Financial Advisor Gabrielle Clemens Launches Podcast “Marriage Is About Love, Divorce Is About Money”

Expert Divorce Attorney and Financial Advisor Gabrielle Clemens Launches Podcast "Marriage Is About Love, Divorce Is About Money"
Based on the book that’s “a must read if you’re getting divorce,” podcast delivers raw, real-world advice that is essential for financial survival in the divorce process

BOSTON – June 11, 2024 – Gabrielle Clemens, an attorney and financial advisor who is renowned as a savvy expert on divorce, today announced the launch of a podcast based on her book “Marriage is About Love, Divorce is About Money.” The podcast delivers essential advice for anyone who wants to navigate the potentially devastating financial labyrinth of divorce—a process that is alien to almost everyone who hasn’t been through it before—and come out of it in one piece, financially.

“Don’t get divorced without me or this book,” said Clemens. “Between 40-50% of U.S. marriages end in divorce. That’s unfortunate, but very real. If it’s happening to you, you need a strategy. A divorce is essentially a lawsuit, and most people initiating a divorce process do not have any experience dealing with lawsuits.  If you just show up and let the process happen, you are not going to come out of it in good shape. I can help. I provide a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about divorce from a financial perspective.”

Clemens has been recognized by Forbes, Shook, and Advisor Hub for her expertise and valuable services to clients who are going through divorces. She is a certified divorce financial analyst as well as a former tax, divorce, trust and estate attorney. As a private wealth manager, Clemens contributes a monthly column for Investment News Magazine.

The book is the jumping off point for the podcast’s content. The program walks the audience through the chapters of her book, focusing on how to apply specific strategies to the complexities of divorce.

“There are a lot of difficult truths you have to accept if you want to get through a divorce with your finances intact,” Clemens added. “For one thing, the person you married is not the same person you are divorcing. The relationship and dynamics are completely different. That can be hard to believe, but it’s true. Also, your attorney is not your therapist. I don’t say that to be mean. I just want people to get what they need out of the process, and everyone has a role to play. My job is to protect your money, not your emotions.”

She continued, “My goal with the book is to give people involved in a divorce a framework as they begin the process. I provide clarity and insight. This is important, because if you rely only on the internet, you will get confusing, inaccurate information. Now, you can listen to the podcast and get important information to help with financial planning, divorce issues and taxes.”

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