ARGOS Identity Unveils AI-powered Identity Platform: A Leap Forward in User Verification and Document Authentication

In a strategic move that sets a new benchmark in the digital transformation era, ARGOS Identity, led by CEO Wonkyu Lee, has launched the new AI-powered Identity Platform, a groundbreaking service designed to elevate the user experience in identity verification. This innovation arrives on the heels of ARGOS securing a $1.5 million seed investment led by Asia2G Capital with additional support from KB Investment and Kimgisa Lab, highlighting the market’s confidence in ARGOS’s growth trajectory and its robust product suite.

As digital transformation accelerates, industries such as finance, gaming, online gambling, cannabis, and adult entertainment are not just growing—they are evolving with the integration of AI and new regulations. In response to this fast-paced change, ARGOS Identity, a seasoned B2B SaaS provider, has been refining its One-Stop ID Verification Solution, trusted by customers across various sectors. Initially focused on blockchain enterprises like Gala Games, Hashed, Playdapp, and Probit Global, ARGOS Identity has broadened its expertise and now boasts a client roster of over 60 firms. This expansion underscores its penetration into emerging digital markets, including Web3 gaming, online gambling, cannabis, and adult content. With ongoing discussions with one of the world’s largest gaming companies, ARGOS is cementing its role as a key player in identity verification.

Today, ARGOS proudly announces the launch of its new AI-powered Identity Platform, a groundbreaking service powered by generative AI that introduces intelligent, individual identity verification and business verification. This innovative tool surpasses the capabilities of existing identity verification providers by addressing issues they cannot solve. With advanced biometric face recognition technology, the new platform offers swift and secure verification of user identities, adeptly overcoming challenges such as duplicate accounts and counterfeit users within seconds. Additionally, it employs AI to autonomously recognize and verify unstructured business documents, transforming complex and laborious manual verification processes into streamlined, automated solutions. The ARGOS Identity Platform is setting new standards in the industry, redefining the future of identity verification.

The infusion of fresh capital from Asia2G Capital, KB Investment, and Kimgisa Lab will be directed towards advancing ARGOS’s technology, deepening market penetration, and scaling operations. This financial backing is not only a testament to the investors’ belief in the necessity of secure digital transactions but also a vote of confidence in ARGOS Identity’s innovative solutions.

“Since the pandemic, the demand for cross-border services has surged, requiring robust KYC and KYB solutions. Argos meets this challenge with a one-stop solution that navigates complex regulations across various countries. By harnessing generative AI, Argos Identity not only boosts productivity and reduces costs but also ensures compliance in new industries like web3, online gambling, and online ticketing—achievements that were not possible before. As an investor, I’m excited to back a company at the forefront of transforming digital identity verification.”, stated co-founder and managing partner at Asia2G Capital in Silicon Valley, Archi KyoungRok Kong.

With the launch of its new platform, ARGOS reiterates its dedication to making digital spaces safer and cleaner. This commitment ensures that individuals can engage with the online world—whether learning, playing, or conducting business—securely and without the threat of identity fraud.

Continuing to spearhead innovation in the identity verification industry, ARGOS ensures trust and compliance for businesses and users alike in a rapidly digitizing world. For those interested in a future where digital transactions are seamless and secure, ARGOS invites exploration of the potential of its AI-powered Identity Platform.

Revolutionizing the approach to global identity verification, ARGOS Identity empowers a safer, more reliable digital world for clients in over 12 countries, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to excellence in security and user experience.

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