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Make The Wardrobe Green This Spring: Sustainable Fashion

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Make The Wardrobe Green This Spring: Sustainable Fashion

February 29
01:33 2020
Make The Wardrobe Green This Spring: Sustainable Fashion

Blogs and social media have become very popular in recent years. People worldwide can find various online sites that offer a wide range of topics they may be interested in. For example, many people enjoy lifestyle blogs or sites that talk about food, hobbies, shopping, and so much more. Below is a closer look at a particular blog and their mentality of zero waste when it comes to fashion.


When it comes to fashion, many people have different ideas regarding labels and where their clothing comes from. For example, Jess with less is a fashion blogger that is passionate about zero waste when it comes to her clothing.  This means that clothes are manufactured in a way that the people making the clothing are treated fairly and paid well. The clothing is also made in a way that is less harmful to the environment.

How to Start Sustainable Fashion

It is not hard to be mindful of the clothing you wear because sustainable fashion does not require you to buy anything new, buy it is just the opposite of that. If you are wanting to be sustainable regarding your fashion, start in your closet. You can easily repurpose clothing to give them a new look or tailor them to have them fit you better. Another way to achieve this is by second-hand shopping stores like Etsy, eBay, Poshmark, Goodwill, and many others.

Treatment of Animals

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to purchasing leather or animal by-products. Some will purchase some items, while others refuse to do so. If you do purchase wool and leather products, it is important to know that there are brands that do offer sustainable options. For example, some brands recycle wool into sweaters, while others recycle down feathers and turn them into new coats.

Fair Trade

Sustainable fashion relies heavily on fair trade. This is a promise that products were made under good working conditions and pay was reasonable. Some brands will go as far as getting certified that their clothing truly was made under fair working conditions.

Sustainable Fashion is Affordable

One of the perks of sustainable fashion is that it is affordable for the consumer because they are buying something used rather than buying it new. This does not mean that the consumer has to shop at Goodwill alone; they have various online sites like eBay, Poshmark, and thredUP. It is important to keep in mind that just because items cost a lot less, it does not mean that you need to buy more items than you need. Buying more items than needed takes away from it being a sustainable purchase.

Fashion is constantly changing and more people are becoming conscious of the effects it has on the environment and others. Because of this, sustainable fashion is getting more popular for many people worldwide. Sustainable fashion is a great way to dress well, it is affordable, and it is keeping the environment in mind. Next time you need a new outfit, consider buying something second hand.

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