iTRUSOU’s innovative kitchen products combine state-of-the-art technology with expert craftsmanship for healthy, quick, and safe cooking bringing a new level of convenience to the kitchen.

Technology plays an essential role in modern life. Inspired by the need for healthy, quick, and safe cooking, iTRUSOU has introduced a new series of products to the kitchen market. With the combination of cutting-edge craftsmanship and modern technology, their products help users improve the quality of their cooking. iTRUSOU understands that the kitchen is the heart of every home, and its goal is to provide customers with high-quality appliances that make cooking more comfortable and enjoyable.

iTRUSOU is a professional manufacturer focusing solely on kitchen appliances, always adhering to the principle of “design for human, create for life,” and has been committed to providing customers with high-quality and healthy kitchen solutions. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in every product they offer. They believe that every customer deserves the best, and that’s why they use the latest technology and innovative design to create products that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. With iTRUSOU products, users can create delicious meals while adding style and sophistication to their homes.

The company’s kitchen appliances include a milk frother and steamer, a Vacuum sealer machine, a Cold brew coffee maker, and more. The team is dedicated to the development of speciality products that are genuinely innovative and play a crucial role in the kitchen. Through continuous innovation, they strive to provide a top-quality product with lasting durability, reliability, comfort, and ease of use. Every single component of their kitchen appliances is specifically optimized to provide the best user experience.

At iTRUSOU, we believe that cooking should be a joyful experience, not a chore. That’s why we’ve developed a range of innovative appliances designed to make healthy, quick, and safe cooking easier than ever before. We’re passionate about quality at iTRUSOU. From the materials we use to the craftsmanship that goes into every product, we’re committed to delivering excellence in everything we do.” – said the founder.

Their innovative 8-in-1 milk frother transforms customers’ kitchens into mini cafes, turning delectable caffeinated beverages into exciting cappuccinos, lattes, and more. The 8-in-1 multi-functional electric milk frother can turn plain milk into a silky foam in seconds, bringing users less effort and greater delight. The milk steamer and frother are more than just easy to use and built to last. The frother’s exterior is made from high-quality, durable, and stylish stainless steel, while internal components are made from premium materials designed to withstand frequent use. Versatile and convenient, the Itrusou Milk Frother is an essential addition to any kitchen gadget lover’s collection!

Looking for a quick and easy way to enjoy cold brew coffee and iced tea at home? iTRUSOU Electric Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a premium cold brew coffee maker and tea brewer perfect for brewing filter coffee, iced tea, and more! The cold brew coffee maker is a work of functional art. With its sleek design, the Cold Brew Coffee Maker features a fine mesh coffee filter and stainless steel mesh filter that remove sediment and produce delicious rich-tasting coffee. Whether one is a cold brew connoisseur or a beginner, this machine is perfect for anyone looking to make high-quality beverages at home, featuring only three easy-to-use controls on the panel, making it simple for anyone to master in just five minutes. And with its sleek design and compact size, it’s the perfect addition to any kitchen countertop.

iTRUSOU automatic vacuum sealer machine is a food saver by effectively vacuum sealing all types of food and products. No flavour escapes from raw meats to cooked foods, fruits, and vegetables to sundries. Vacuumed-packed foods stay fresh longer, protect from freezer burn, and provide the same taste and nutritional benefits as the original product.

Safety is a top priority for iTRUSOU, and all of the company’s products are designed with safety features to ensure that the customer can use them without fear of injury. The company uses high-quality materials in all its products, and every product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the highest safety standards. iTRUSOU’s products are also designed with comfort in mind, with ergonomic handles and other features that make them easy and comfortable to use. To know more about their products, visit and bring ease to cooking!

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Cutting-Edge Platform Streamlines Quiz Creation for Educators and Enthusiasts, Promoting Dynamic Learning Environments Across Diverse Subjects and Interests.

Quiz Creator, a leading provider of educational resources, today announced the launch of its groundbreaking Free Quiz Creator Tool/Software. This cutting-edge platform enables users to develop Quizzes on any subject quickly and efficiently, streamlining the process and saving valuable time. Designed with user experience in mind, the tool allows both educators and enthusiasts to create customized Quizzes that engage their audiences as if speaking to them in person.

The key to creating an effective quiz lies in possessing an in-depth and accurate understanding of the subject matter. Quiz Creator’s Free Quiz Creator Tool/Software empowers users to harness their expertise by selecting the subject of their choice and then building out questions and corresponding options. By simplifying the quiz creation process, Quiz Creator encourages users to share their knowledge with others, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

The Free Quiz Creator Tool/Software by Quiz Creator allows users to create personality Quizzes such as “Which Hogwarts House Am I Quiz,” “What Animal Am I Quiz,” and “What Pokémon Am I,” based on their expertise and interests. Through its straightforward quiz creation tool, Quiz Creator enables users to easily share their knowledge and create an engaging learning space.

Their study Quizzes are created to help students master the subject material. Quiz Creator’s Free Quiz Creator Tool/Software allows users to create study Quizzes with multiple choice, true or false and essay style questions. Furthermore, users are able to track the performance of the quiz taker, allowing them to gain valuable insight into the student’s knowledge.

For aspiring quiz masters, Quiz Creator takes the guesswork out of creating interesting and engaging Quizzes. Allowing users to create Quizzes easily and efficiently, Quiz Creator’s Free Quiz Creator Tool/Software is the perfect solution for both educators and hobbyists alike.

With their entertainment Quizzes that include movies, twilight and weddings, Quiz Creator makes it easy to create engaging Quizzes that captivate the audience. This way, people who are more in the entertainment field can easily create interesting and captivating Quizzes for the audience. Users can now judge their information about celeb gossip, movie trivia and more by taking a free online quiz.

Designed with user experience in mind, the tool enables users to select a subject of their choice and then build out questions and corresponding options, ensuring Quizzes are tailored to their audiences. The intuitive interface allows users to focus on crafting meaningful questions and answers that both entertain and educate.

By creating Quizzes for any topic imaginable, Quiz Creator is revolutionizing the way people learn, share and engage with new topics. With their free quiz creator tool/software, users can now create Quizzes for any subject in a few simple steps. With the help of Quiz Creator, users are now able to save time and create interesting, engaging Quizzes that engage their audience and challenge their knowledge. Quiz Creator is the perfect solution for anyone looking to share their knowledge with others in a fun and interactive way.

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The company is helping members of Black Greek Letter Organizations to celebrate their unity and pride.

Black fraternities and sororities are at the forefront of helping solves unprecedented challenges facing African American communities through dialogue, community involvement, and philanthropy. To celebrate the resilient people in these organizations, Fratrings, a reputable jewellery provider, provides high-quality custom-made designs. The company is one of the few proud organizations that solely focuses on serving these Black Greek Letter Organizations.

Their uniquely designed jewellery represents the style and ethos of these organizations and is crafted with the highest quality materials by skilled jewellers who are passionate about the values and traditions of these black fraternities. Their comprehensive portfolio of custom-made jewellery is tailored to the specific needs of each organization. They have worked with several fraternities and sororities, including Iota Phi Theta, Kappa Alpha Psi, Mu Beta Phi, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma, and Sigma Gamma Rho.

Speaking on the occasion, a representative for the company said, “We are proud to serve historically-black fraternities whose members are very proud of their heritage. Our company does extensive research on the history and symbols of each black fraternity. We consult with their members to ensure that our rings represent their philosophies accurately. This ensures that the designs delight fraternity members who cherish the memories and bond throughout their life.”

The ring design and production company are officially licensed with the National Pan-Hellenic Conference, which is the world’s largest trade association specifically charged with elevating the sorority experience. They work primarily with university sporting programs, NPHC members, as well as military fraternities and religious organizations. To facilitate fraternities and ensure money does not come in the way of expressing their trust, they pay the money in four interest-free instalments.

Besides fraternity and sorority rings, they also provide lapel pins and pennants that are crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

People interested in learning more about the company or checking out its design collections can visit its website today

About the Company

Fratrings is a reputable ring design and production company that was founded in 2018 to meet the growing need for high-quality jewellery in fraternities. They are one of the few companies that solely focus on serving historically-black fraternities and sororities and Black Greek Letter Organizations.

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Superior USDA Certified Organic, whole-superfood nutraceuticals that enhance nutrient diversity, kickstart rejuvenating regeneration, and boost overall vitality.

TRUMETA’s doctors, scientists, and nutritionists have witnessed the root cause of disease caused by inadequate nutrition and are driven to revolutionize health management. In ancient times, hunter-gatherer ancestors ate over 800 fruits and vegetables, providing exceptional phytonutrient diversity. Unfortunately, the modern diet has lost about 99% of that diversity and critical nutrient values, severely debilitating the body’s ability to retain optimal health.

In addition, much of the modern-day diet includes nutritionally empty processed foods, refined foods, fast foods, sugary beverages and GMO crops, pesticides, fungicides, larvicides, parasiticides, preservatives, and chemical additives that harm the gut microbiota. Yet, new research into this previously unknown “organ” reveals that the microbiota is the true master regulator of health.

TRUMETA develops USDA Certified Organic whole-superfoods nutraceuticals that skyrocket phytonutrient diversity and activate stalled and sluggish cellular systems. Furthermore, these refreshing daily drinks provide the whole body with raw metabolic fuel, boosting the rejuvenated repair and regeneration of aging organ systems.

TRUMETA’s Philosophy of Excellence formulates strategic nutraceuticals with the highest purity and scientifically proven effectiveness. Synergistic, nutrient-dense botanicals, alga, mushrooms, spices, and probiotics boost the nutrient profile, metabolism, endurance, antioxidant capacity, immune fortification, youthful longevity, stress resilience, brain functions, sleep quality, and overall vitality.

More information about TRUMETA can be found at

Disclaimer: The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This press release is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please check with your doctor. The news site hosting this press release is not associated with TRUMETA. It is merely publishing a press release announcement submitted by a company without any stated or implied endorsement of the product or service.

TRUMETA develops USDA Certified Organic, strategic whole-superfood nutraceuticals that provide nutrient-dense diversity, optimize metabolic functions, resilient organ systems, and overall vitality.

TRUMETA’s Philosophy of Excellence oversees each formulation’s 5-Step Research and Testing Process. Its mission is to enhance nutrient diversity, providing the metabolic tools the body requires to restore harmony as Nature intended.

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Rules-based Revenue Management and Multiple Ledgers Expand Revenue Recognition Possibilities and Improve Revenue Traceability.

Austin, Texas, USA – March 22, 2023 – Gotransverse (, the leading provider of enterprise order-to-cash solutions, has expanded the accounting and revenue recognition capabilities of the Gotransverse SaaS Agile Monetization Platform. Gotransverse’s Revenue Management application provides the flexibility to support billing-related accounting scenarios through highly configurable posting rules. Additionally, multiple accounts receivable sub-ledgers (AR Ledgers) enable users to model various revenue recognition strategies and perform comparative analysis.

The native AR Ledger is highly flexible and supports a robust rules-based methodology for creating journal entries. Each AR Ledger can be configured with specific attributes to support separate AR ledgers for company divisions, multiple corporate entities, and other groupings.

“The platform’s native revenue recognition engine is incredibly flexible, allowing for a variety of standard posting rules and custom posting rules, when necessary,” said Geoff Coleman, Chief Product Officer at Gotransverse. “Using Gotransverse, our customers can recognize revenue over time based on the service period, agreement period, calendar year, estimated customer lifetime, contract period, and other variables. Gotransverse supports ASC606 revenue recognition and helps companies maintain compliance with GAAP and other financial regulations.”

Working in conjunction with the Gotransverse Connector Service, Revenue Management enables users to export custom-aggregated accounting entries to any ERP system based on customer-defined schedules. Gotransverse also includes tracking information as part of the export, which is recorded alongside the target ERP’s journal entry. This process provides a complete audit trail of individual accounting entries in Gotransverse, aggregated to individual lines in the journal entries recorded in the target ERP system. This traceability is vital for year-end audits. Moreover, Gotransverse has made it easier to trace accounting entries to underlying billing activity and vice versa. These functionalities enhance auditors’ confidence, often leading to a reduction in audit scope and costs. Overall, the Gotransverse Connector service offers full traceability from the ERP system to Gotransverse, improving the audit trail and reducing costs.

“As business and billing models become more sophisticated, accounting support must be more flexible,” said Jennifer Meyer, Director of Product at Gotransverse. “The functionality in our native Revenue Management software enables customers to structure revenue recognition to suit their individual needs. The multiple AR Ledger feature allows for creating ‘what if’ scenarios without affecting the production AR Ledger. We have yet to encounter a customer use case that we couldn’t accommodate with our rules-based approach, provided the information exists in our system.”

The automation of Revenue Management offered by the Gotransverse Revenue Management application ensures compliance while simplifying auditing by providing complete traceability and audit histories. This feature guarantees that businesses can track every transaction and action, improving transparency and ensuring all policies and regulations are followed. By leveraging the automation capabilities of the Gotransverse Revenue Management application, organizations can streamline their revenue management processes, minimize errors, and increase efficiency.

About Gotransverse

Gotransverse provides cloud-based software that enables companies to operate as a subscription business model, including the often-challenging aspects of usage-based pricing and monetization at scale. Founded by globally recognized billing experts, the company offers an intelligent billing and subscription management platform that automates the subscription order-to-cash process, including billing, rating, collections, mediation, analytics, and revenue recognition. Gotransverse was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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Window Digest has released a new article on “11 Functional Small Window Curtain Ideas (Trends 2023).” The article showcases trending ways to add life and elegance to small spaces with vibrant colors and unique patterns that match your decor and aesthetics.

Window Digest has released a new article titled “11 Functional Small Window Curtain Ideas (Trends 2023)“, aimed at bringing life and elegance to small home spaces.

Small windows can be transformed into a functional and stylish focal point by adding small window curtains of different designs, including traditional, modern, colorful, and patterned options. These curtains add character and personality to small rooms and make them look vibrant and lively.

The article features ways to make the most of your small windows by incorporating trending ideas perfect for 2023. With the help of these small window curtains, homeowners can add a touch of beauty and elegance to their home’s interior that matches their decor and aesthetics.

This article is a must-read for anyone looking to upgrade their small spaces with curtains that stand out, adding color and beauty to their rooms.

Window Digest is an online magazine providing its readers with informative and engaging content about the industry of windows. The latest article on small window curtains is no exception, offering readers valuable insights into the latest trends for small window curtains.

Visit Window Digest to learn how to turn your small windows into stunning focal points!

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Beyond the Office with AI. Announcing New Features for Automated Minutes taking, Summarization, and Translation by ChatGPT
AI enables the automatic generation of highly accurate minutes and summaries. Aiming for remote work beyond the office by converting conversations into data. – “Beyond the Office with AI”

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo – CEO Shunsuke Morii, developer of Teracy, the smartest metaverse for remote teams, announces the release of Teracy AI, a new AI-based product with greatly enhanced functionality. The company has begun accepting pre-registrations.

What is Teracy?

Teracy ( ) is a metaverse app that accelerates remote teams to create from zero to one through an office-like conversational experience under the slogan “Stay Connected, Stay Creative. Teracy is a metaverse application that accelerates the creation of “one” from “zero” through an office-like conversational experience for remote teams.

About Teracy AI

Development Background

Teracy has been researching and exploring ways to revolutionize communication through AI since its development in 2019. However, the lack of accurate conversational transcription and summary functions in the past has prevented us from developing products that we could confidently deliver. However, as we enter 2023, the release of highly accurate generative AI, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has convinced us that communication experiences beyond the real world are now possible remotely.

This led us to the development of Teracy AI, which provides an AI summary of conversations powered by the ChatGPT API (gpt-3.5-turbo) and Whisper, an automatic speech recognition system.

Feature Overview

Teracy AI ( ) automatically transcribes voice communications on Teracy, and automatically summarizes and records the main points of the conversation and next actions (Todo), making it easy to share information even with team members who are not participating in the conversation. This makes it possible to share information easily even with team members who are not participating in the conversation. In addition to companies with completely remote workforces, this system can also be used by hybrid work companies that have both office-based employees and remote team members, eliminating the communication divide between the two and supporting a more seamless business launch.

Click here for the official Teracy AI website:

AI Conversation Summary Feature Details

Automatic transcription function initiated with a single tap

AI can be invoked with a single tap during a conversation. Automatic transcription of the conversation starts immediately.

Fully automated conversation summary feature

Transcribed conversation data is automatically organized into a list of key points and todo lists. The concise summaries, which can be quickly understood at a glance, dramatically facilitate information sharing within the company.

Automatically accumulated summary list

Easily go back and share past conversations.

The automatic translation feature for global teams

The summary list is automatically optimized and translated to the reader’s language preference. This dramatically improves communication challenges for global teams with different languages and time zones.

How to try Teracy AI for free

Join our official community ( ) for a free trial as soon as the feature is available.

Visit the official Teracy AI website at

About Teracy Inc.

The company was established as a spin-off in 2021 upon the sale of another business of its predecessor, Libase Corporation ( ). (Teracy will begin development within Rebase Inc. around 2019)

Twitter (English):

Company Profile

Company name: Teracy Inc.

Representative: Shunsuke Morii

Established: June 2021

Business: Development of Teracy, a metaverse application for remote teams


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Zevrix Solutions announces PDF Checkpoint 1.9.19, a feature update to company’s PDF preflight & conversion solution. PDF Checkpoint automatically preflights, splits, exports as images, and optimizes Adobe PDFs. The app can also convert PDF element colors to selected profile, which helps users prepare their files for web, print and mobile devices. The new version simplifies the software license management by automatically assigning the host computer name to the license record during activation.

Toronto, ON, Canada – March 22, 2023 – Zevrix Solutions today announces PDF Checkpoint 1.9.19, a feature update to company’s PDF preflight and conversion automation tool. Remarkably fast, PDF Checkpoint automatically preflights, exports as images, splits, and optimizes multiple Adobe PDF files. The app is an ideal tool for users who need a fast, easy to use, and affordable solution to check PDF files for errors and convert them to the desired color space and format.

The new version simplifies the software license management by automatically assigning the host computer name to the license record when activating the app. This allows users to easily identify existing installations in their personal online License Portal, which is especially helpful for license management by sysadmins of multi-user PDF Checkpoint installations.

“PDF Checkpoint saves me a lot of time when deciphering client-submitted ads for large magazines,” says Miles Linklater of design studio 24pt Helvetica in Vancouver, Canada. “It’s a great idea to enable color profile conversion in PDF files so easily.”

PDF Checkpoint is designed to automate and simplify PDF workflows of publishers, prepress houses, and ad agencies:

Batch preflighting and conversion of PDF files.

-Convert PDF element color mode using ICC profiles.

-Check PDF fonts, colors, images and metadata for specific attributes.

Export PDF as images with specific resolution, page scale , and color.

-Route files by preflight results into success and error folders.

-Split files into single page PDFs.

For example, users can preflight a folder of PDF files and convert them to PNG images while scaling each page by 20%. Users can save preflight settings in various preflight profiles for specific workflow targets.

Pricing and Availability:

PDF Checkpoint can be purchased on Mac App Store and Zevrix website for US$39.95, as well as from authorized resellers. The update is free to licensed users. Trial is also available for download. PDF Checkpoint requires macOS 10.9-13.x.

About Zevrix Solutions

Located in Toronto, Canada, Zevrix Solutions provides automation and productivity solutions for Adobe Creative Cloud software, PDF and graphic file diagnostics, as well as Microsoft Office on macOS. Zevrix Solutions is dedicated to helping professionals increase their profits through automating their everyday tasks, producing error-free documents, saving disk space and cutting production costs.

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When you open your Echooo wallet, a blue elephant logo is the first thing you see, and your first reaction might be “this elephant is not looking good at all”; and your mind may also come up with a question “why would a Web3 wallet require me to register an account?

Accounts, Easier and Safe

Our account accompanies us on our Internet journey, like a portfolio, recording our internet footprint, views, preferences, and more privacy. Today almost everyone has a Google account, which also provides us with convenience. The importance of the account is fully reflected in all aspects as it has become an indispensable presence on Web2, as it is possible to log in with one click on different websites without having to fill in usernames and passwords repeatedly, and shop, play games or browse information on the Web.

Nowadays, as we enter the encrypted world, what makes our perception of accounts different?

Why is such an important concept not popular in Web3?

Web3 emphasizes the application of decentralization and blockchain. In this mode, the information of the user is stored in a decentralized way, without a unified account system. Users need to manage and control their digital assets through private keys. Web3 is built on blockchain technology, adopting a distributed ledger mechanism, where each node can record transaction information, which would make account information less important because blockchain technology can ensure the accuracy and security of transactions.

From current developments, it is viewed as almost equivalent to “fraud” for centralized accounts among Web3 residents. Mutual distrust is the cornerstone of Web3, and the characteristics of traditional accounts make them vulnerable to control by giant financial institutions and exposed to “malicious” risks.

Echooo Wallet Recovery mechanism makes it easier for Newcomers

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency sound extremely secure, but don’t forget the threshold to entry can be extremely unfriendly to newcomers in Web3. For example, giving a newcomer a 0x public key address can leave them completely bewildered. As they must confirm it multiple times before every transfer. However, when transferring through a bank, you don’t need to bear such a high verification cost because the bank system will verify whether the recipient and account number match.

Even the most renowned EOA wallet (Metamask) has a high entry barrier for newcomers. Without the most basic understanding of blockchain technology, it is also confusing for newcomers to understand some basic concepts such as the importance of “private keys” and “helper words”.

In today’s world where geopolitical centralized narratives dominate national policies, having a decentralized private key is far more convenient and secure than creating an account in a specific country. Private keys can be said to be the only thing that crypto-punks trust.

Although the architecture design of blockchain is secure. We still must be clear that the private keys are the unique credentials, and if your private key is leaked. Your account will face huge risks. However, the control of assets is in the hands of “who can control the private key” rather than the users themselves. Once the private key falls into someone else’s hands, the account is basically completely disconnected from you, without even the chance to report loss or freeze account. For newcomers who have just entered the Web3 world, it is too easy to make irreversible mistakes.

The technology in Web3 is not as straightforward as our usual use of credit cards and PayPal. In the world of Web3, you need to control your private keys to ensure the security and correctness of your account by yourself. Combined with issues such as slow transfer speeds and high gas fees. The learning cost and trial-and-error cost for newcomers are significantly higher than in traditional Web2.

Therefore, preserving the original account system, which better gives newcomers a sense of familiarity and security plus the security of a smart contract wallet, is an important change made by Echooo.

EOA and CA Wallets are more user-friendly

Choosing to be friendly and setting aside objections is firstly an ability:

Excellent security: Echooo is a hybrid architecture wallet (EOA+CA).

EOA wallet: Echooo generates a wallet private key, but unlike traditional wallets that use mnemonic phrases for users to save. it encrypts the private key through an algorithm and stores the encrypted file in the cloud. In the future, the wallet will also have the ability of MPC (multi-party secure calculation).

CA wallet: Multi-signature and social recovery mechanisms.

Even if the account is compromised. For the EOA wallet, the private key used for trading is still in the user’s hands (backed up in the cloud), which ensures that the user’s assets will not be lost. For the CA wallet, multiple confirmations are required for trading, which also ensures that the user’s assets will not be lost. Both can register new accounts, and then use cloud keys or social recovery mechanisms to retrieve the wallet in the new account.

While ensuring security, the learning threshold for newcomers is almost zero, which can solves the problem of high threshold to entry in Web3.

No mnemonic words: As mentioned above, due to the characteristic of encrypted private key storage in the cloud. No mnemonic words are required.

Seamless connection to Web2 user experience: Whether it is the feature of being able to register with just an email, or just needing a phone number to enjoy the service and eliminating the bother of mnemonic words and private keys. You can also log in with third-party platform accounts (in the new update, Google accounts are already supported). There are basically no confusing aspects for newcomers, everything is as familiar as the experience on the Web2 platform, but you have unknowingly entered the Web3 system. On this basis, gradually familiarizing oneself with other concepts in Web3 can effectively expand the consensus community of Web3.”

Social recovery wallets are not a betrayal, but rather an expression, of “Crypto values” -Vitalik Buterin

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How Allegiant Digital Marketing is providing SEO Help for Small Businesses
Discover why Digital Marketing Helps Small Businesses Create Recession Proof Results to Grow and Prosper in Uncertain Times

For over 24 years, digital marketing expert and owner of Allegiant Digital Marketing, Chad Markham, has worked closely with the small business community during times of crisis. This includes the early 2000s Recession that occurred shortly after the September 11th Trade Center Attacks. This also consists of the Great Recession, which spanned from 2007 to 2009 after the housing market crashed, which led to the failure of the largest financial institutions in the United States. And as recently as the COVID-19 Recession, Mr. Markham has not been a stranger to helping small business owners navigate challenging times.

“Naturally, when catastrophes affect a country’s economic stability, a business owner’s first reaction is to stop spending money. And the first place this usually takes place is advertising.” Not only is this not wise or recommended by marketing experts, but it can also exacerbate problems further by preventing businesses from reaching new customers who still need that business’s products and services. This is where being judicious with where money is spent in advertising can make a difference. As well as include which advertising companies a business should choose to work with during these times.

SEO help for small businesses is often the first thing a business owner should consider. Working with an SEO agency like Allegiant Digital Marketing enables teams of SEO specialists to help SMBs concentrate on one of the top places for a business to be found: Google. Being featured on a Google Search Result when someone is searching for a business’s products or services is paramount. Placing a business on one of the highest-trafficked search engines that put companies directly in front of a high-intent buying audience can create a consistent and reliable source for lead generation. One that will drive and maintain sales opportunities whenever the economy is experiencing a downturn.

There is also digital marketing help for small businesses that can be leveraged through other search engine marketing services, like Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), which can offer additional support. Concentrating resources on services designed to place businesses in front of active audiences more quickly can speed up the recovery process and can help nearly any business not only stay afloat but thrive during periods before, during, and after a recession has taken place.

One thing discovered among businesses that continued to spend aggressively during economic turmoil showed substantially higher growth progress, unlike what was experienced before a recession. Simply because there are fewer competitors, which means cheaper costs for advertising, provides greater access to market share and an ability to sustain substantial ownership of that market share after. This helps companies continue to thrive post-recession while other businesses struggle to get back on their feet again.

With thousands of SMB owners and hundreds of thousands of campaigns, working with the right small business digital marketing agency can be the difference between life and death for a company. Ready to recession-proof your business? Learn more with Allegiant Digital Marketing today!

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