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Super chain circulation (CLC) main network goes online to create a new distributed storage system

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Super chain circulation (CLC) main network goes online to create a new distributed storage system

March 05
22:30 2020

The real digital currency is the ecological integration of laws、wisdom、systems、culture、science、 technology, people’s livelihood and specific and fresh social practice. It is the specific value expression symbol of a series of overall cooperation mechanisms of social production, consumption and reproduction, and the human based value co generation system.

According to official news, the main network of the super chain circulation (CLC) was launched on February 20, and block browser and wallet were also jointly launched.Cifculation was launched by AMC, the top international digital currency research and development company in the United States. It adopts the innovative “POC + POS + EVM” technology, and uses distributed ledger + distributed storage + virtual world computer + cross chain technology, making cifculation more transparent, traceable and zero fault tolerance.At the same time, CLC super chain has the processing capacity of high concurrency and second level verification of millions of TPS.AMC established in-depth strategic cooperation with IDG, Carlyle, GRANITE Global ventures, Fukun capital and other international well-known venture capital companies in the early stage, and obtained hundreds of millions of dollars of capital injection from international investment companies UBS and Goldman Sachs

With the strong support of blockchain technology, CLC super chain strives to build a global one-stop digital financial service platform and a new distributed storage system.”Make payment simple, convenient and safe”.

Since the invention of computers, more and more information has been digitized and put into storage devices. It is predicted that the global total data will reach 44zb in 2020.However, with the more and more serious information, the data crisis has come quietly, and data security incidents happen frequently.

For example, people use the network platform for shopping, buying tickets and air tickets, but this process may cause information leakage.At present, most of the production, registration and use of Internet software need to obtain the basic information of mobile clients and personal basic information. If these information is used by people with bad feelings, it will cause very serious consequences.The development of network technology has greatly improved people’s life style, but also exposed personal information to a certain extent.

For the enterprise level, the daily work of the enterprise increasingly depends on the support of information system.A large number of business data are stored in various systems. These data become the objective basis for business decision-making and the precious resources for the growth and development of enterprises.Once the data is lost in the process of transmission, storage and exchange, it will cause incalculable losses to the enterprise.Therefore, it has become a general consensus of domestic and foreign enterprises to enhance the awareness of information security and ensure the stable operation of information system.

At present, the storage system is in an unprecedented period of change. On the one hand, the demand for data storage is increasing with the development of big data; on the other hand, the shipment volume of traditional storage manufacturers is not growing obviously, even tends to decline.CLC super chain is a set of technology system that integrates distributed storage, asymmetric encryption algorithm, timestamp and other existing technologies, and introduces consensus mechanism of algorithmic game theory. Blockchain has the characteristics of digital records that can not be tampered and forged, and can realize the integrity, authenticity and consistency of data, making the digital world as authentic as the physical world.

In addition, the cross chain technology in CLC super chain provides the basis for chain network and multi chain interaction.Through IBC (inter block chain communication), two block chains are implemented to verify the cross chain data.In the consensus mechanism, we use the consensus based on the consensus based BFT algorithm, which is different from POW or POS mining, making the operation more secure and reliable.In the transaction mode, the CLC super chain uses the total account balance model, but contains multiple assets instead of the total balance model of bitcoin utxo.The account address is the ripemd160 hash of the public key, and the state tree uses the iavl tree.The design of CLC super chain in address format will introduce the concepts of bip32, bip43 and bip441, and provide multi currency, multi account, multi address and multi key support through hierarchical deterministic wallets (or “HD HD HD”).The asset control and operation of CLC super chain involve private key, public key and address system.In the traditional implementation of bit currency code, ECDSA and sha256 hash are encrypted based on elliptic curve function.All of these, CLC super chain truly realizes “making payment simpler, more convenient and more secure”.

As the basic layer service of the Internet, blockchain is different from the application layer. It can be compared to DNS service and needs to have strong basic capabilities.Taking transfer or transaction as an example, more and more information will be generated in the information chain or information right confirmation. Only a very large TPS can provide strong support to adapt to more application scenarios, so that a large number of basic information can truly use blockchain to serve entity enterprises.And the super chain circulation (CLC), which has the leading processing capacity of millions of TPS with high concurrency and second level confirmation, is bound to build a global one-stop digital financial service platform and a new distributed storage system.

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