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Time is Wealth, TAMC Creates Blockchain Intelligent Ecosystem

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Time is Wealth, TAMC Creates Blockchain Intelligent Ecosystem

March 07
00:47 2020

March is the time of spring and hope. Due to the impact of the epidemic, people cannot get together, but that does not affect the passion of enterprises for the market industry. In recent years, the two popular industries favored by the market are artificial intelligence and blockchain. Both jointly promote enterprise innovation, which has caused fundamental changes in different industries.

The participation of artificial intelligence also makes blockchain technology as a basic and systematic facility in the future, which proves its practical value at the application level. The relationship between artificial intelligence and blockchain is just like that computer and Internet is complementary. Artificial intelligence solves many problems of blockchain, such as autonomy, efficiency, energy conservation and intelligence, while blockchain realizes general intelligence by sharing the isolated and fragmented artificial intelligence. That is to say, artificial intelligence is a tool and blockchain is a purpose.


The disadvantages of artificial intelligence appear while TAMC makes up for the industrial loopholes.

With the application of artificial intelligence technology more and more widely, the weakness of artificial intelligence is gradually exposed and the security loopholes such as the abuse of robot “self-awareness” technology cause more attention in the industry. Experts said that we should strengthen the strict judgment and prevention of potential risks to ensure the safety, reliability and controllability of AI technologies. Nowadays, countries all over the world are using artificial intelligence so that international competition is becoming increasingly fierce. However, the rapid development of artificial intelligence also makes new changes in the risk points and attack methods of network security, which leads to a deeper level of network security risk.

Therefore, people need a secure cryptocurrency system for settlement between objects and a centralized smart contract platform to solve the problems. In this way, human beings can widely employ robots or AI devices to create wealth by using data value. Thus, Gross Domestic Time Administration was born.

The Gross Domestic Time Administration (That Is, TAMC) is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. The blockchain digital asset platform incubated by the interdisciplinary international team of blockchain is committed to building an international and industry-leading digital asset service sustainable development platform.


TAMC exchanging time for benefits which is stable and efficient.  

By creating a unified social platform, TAMC stores time in the form of currency that helps users to liberate from the information bombardment. All users can share their time in exchange for benefits so that everyone’s time value can appreciate to achieve time capitalization and maximum benefits. And the circulation mode of the financial industry can be fundamentally changed by distributed ledgers, making it more efficient, flexible and reliable. At the same time, TAMC can reduce the cost of remittance to improve the efficiency of transaction, and possibly improve the value-added return way of the people who are away from the traditional financial system and have no bank account.

Recently, good news about TAMC project came out frequently. On February 28, 2020, Peres, the head of Singapore Global Fund W.Net, the founder of Jason team and fans from Southeast Asia jointly have a roadshow for TAMC. Mr. Peres, the head of the first stop in Singapore, showed a great interest in this project and advocated to create more applications to enter the market in the future, so as to enter the field of high-quality digital currency with high-quality team operation and technical means.

According to the official news, TAMC, as a higher-level and all-round development digital asset platform in the blockchain, has the ability of prediction and can help new or experienced confidential users to make profitable transactions. At present, the Official TAMC also gradually transforming the platform into the best place for beginners and advanced users to use encrypt currency.


From a global perspective, intelligent ecological network is ready to develop.

The latter half of 2019 is the key year for the development of TAMC application. In July 2019, TAMC held business talks with Brett of Singapore Global Foundation W.Net and reached a consensus on cooperation, worked together to develop a trust-based business cooperation mode in the blockchain industry. In November, the core technology of blockchain of Singapore Global Foundation W.Net began research, and it successfully obtained an additional $10 million to invest in TAMC, providing enterprises with flexible blockchain products.

In the next stage, TAMC will focus on two directions of sound development. First, building a blockchain intelligent ecological network system to meet the special needs and economic models of some industries by facing the token and blockchain system in vertical fields or subdivided industries. Second, based on the public core token, the economic model under different systems is realized through smart contracts. This kind of public chain is usually based on the core token blockchain. The smart contract token is used as the extension way to realize the compatibility and expansibility of the community.

In the future, TAMC will be a global, beneficial intelligent incubation platform. Not only will it continue to promote the development of quasi-listed and medium-sized enterprises, but also build itself into the world’s largest blockchain incubation platform. It helps the commercial layout of blockchain, promotes industrial innovation with technology, and leads the development of science and technology with innovation. At the same time, it will greatly reform and promote the capitalization of global wealth owners, entrepreneurs that will create a unique, all-round and high-quality blockchain intelligent ecological network, and create remarkable achievements in the trillion-level asset allocation market. 

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