Vicente Sanchez Cerrajeros Warns that 80% of the Locks Installed are Insecure

Vicente Sanchez Cerrajeros Warns that 80% of the Locks Installed are Insecure

Castellón de la Plana, Castellón – Over 80% of locks are not secure enough to ensure the well-being of family members or their possessions, either because they have not been properly installed or because of the poor quality of the lock in question. For more than 15 years, the residents of the Castellón de la Plana area and its surroundings can rest assured that they can rely on the professional team of Vicente Sánchez Cerrajeros, who guarantee the efficiency of their work, as well as the products they use. 

Thanks to their great sense of urgency and honest business practices, Vicente Sánchez Cerrajeros has become the number one choice for families in the area, not only because of the great quality of their services but also because of their unbeatable prices. This fully licensed company offers an extensive variety of services such as master key solutions, door opening solutions, home safes, lock & key replacement and more. They also specialize in garage door automatism repair, metal shuttle installation, among other specializes services. 

“Since we started, we have been committed to the idea of ​​offering low prices, precisely because Vicente Sánchez began his journey in times of crisis, and we wanted our clients to have easy access to the services of our group of locksmiths, that is why, both our locksmith service and our security services, we offer cheap prices without risking, at any time, professionalism, good treatment, and quality service. One thing is not at odds with the other,” said the spokesperson for Vicente Sánchez Cerrajeros. 

These expert locksmiths from Vicente Sánchez Cerrajeros are available 24/7 for all residential emergencies. They are fully equipped with the latest resources and parts within their well-maintained units to provide assistance in a timely manner. Vicente Sanchez Cerrajeros strives to build lasting relationships with all of his clients, which is why he has trained his staff to provide same-day, personalized solutions with a waiting time no greater than 20 minutes. 

“At Vicente Sánchez Cerrajeros we are in constant training and growth with the sole objective of improving our services. To do this, we have undertaken an expansion process in order to cover the entire territory of Tarragona and thus reduce the time of assistance in our services,” added the spokesperson, regarding the efficiency of their services. 

Vicente Sánchez Cerrajeros is proudly serving many areas in Castellón, including but not limited to Castellón de la Plana, Villarreal, Burriana, Vall d’Uxo, Wave, and Nules. The staff is available during the year to assist their clients’ needs. They provide written upfront estimates for all their services, and they accept most payment methods, including all major credit cards. 

Vicente Sánchez Cerrajeros is located at Avd. Camp de Morvedre 109, Castellón de la Plana, Castellón, 12006, ES. Contact them via phone at 964 86 79 82 or via email at [email protected]. To learn more about their services or request a free quote, visit their website.

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