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Quick Compare Guide to Get the Suitable Pitcher Water filter Released

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Quick Compare Guide to Get the Suitable Pitcher Water filter Released

April 24
02:45 2020

What do water filters remove?

Pitcher is a kind of gravity water filtration equipment. It relies on the gravity of water to pass through filter materials and achieves the filtration purpose. It is small and easy to carry, widely used in places like apartments and dorms. It can be installed on the kitchen

counter or inside the refrigerator for cooling water. Most pitchers in the market can be placed inside the refrigerator door. At present, the major brands in the market are Pur, Brita and Zerowater.

Pitcher do not need installation. Just unpack it. The use life of filter is about 1 month.

There are three main filtration materials of Pitcher filter.

(1) Resin+carbon particle

At present, this is the most used filter material in the market. Carbon particle can be used to remove residual chlorine and improve the taste. It can also achieve parts of the adsorption function. Ion exchange resin can reduce the hardness of water by replacing harmful ions in water through ion exchange. Because of fast water flow, the contact time between water and filtered materials is too short. As a consequence, there is little filtration effect. The rate of residual chlorine removal can generally achieve 95%, and TDS reduction effect is not obvious

Advantages: A single filter is cheaper and it can adjust the taste to some extent.

Disadvantages: Short service life for only 40G. Ordinary TDS reduction effect. Slower  water flow, 10-15 mins for a pitcher of filtered water.

(2) Strong acid, strong alkali resin

The pitcher can reduce the TDS value, mainly sold by Zerowater. It adopts strong alkaline and strong acidic resin, which can not only remove Ca+ and Mg+ in water, but also greatly reduce the TDS resin.

Advantages: Reduces the TDS

Disadvantages: Because strongly alkaline resins release NH3, the filtered water has fishy smell. Although TDS decreases, the filtered water is still not healthy for human. In addition, the exchange amount of strong alkaline and acid resin is limited, so the filter use life is relatively short, only about 30L. The filter is large, but its life is very short, and its long-term use cost is too high.

(3) Carbon fiber+carbon particle+resin

What do water filters remove?

Carbon fiber is a new filtering material at present. With the huge surface area, its adsorption effect is 100 times stronger than that of activated carbon of the same amounts. So far, brands like Waterdrop and Brita have applied the new technology. In the combination filtration material, carbon fiber is mainly responsible for adsorption, resin is responsible for exchanging heavy metal ions and activated carbon is responsible for adjusting taste.

Advantages: Long use life, the overall life can up to 300gallons, fast water flow for no waiting, effective filtration, the residual chlorine removal rate can reach 99%.

Disadvantages: Higher price

How to choose a pitcher:

Water filter pitchers are suitable for consumers whose houses have good water quality and are not convenient to install more advanced water filters. Through ion-exchange resin, it reduces TDS and produces fishy smell. The second type is not recommended. If the domestic water demand is large and do not want to wait for filtration, the third type is a better choice, get information about it. 

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