NVIDIA, Microsoft and WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) Focus On 5G+ Holographic Communication Market

  • PublishedApril 24, 2020

NVIDIA made a lot of publicity at the Mobile World Congress in Los Angeles. NVIDIA believes that the future of software defined 5g networks should be based on its chipset products.

NVIDIA launched a new software development kit and announced a series of new cooperation, including network cooperation with Ericsson, cloud computing cooperation with Microsoft, and kubernetes cooperation with red hat. NVIDIA hopes to prove to telecom equipment manufacturers that its chipset is the best foundation for managing new 5g network services.

For chip manufacturers, it will be an important victory to enter the bottom of technical products, especially considering that the deployment scale of 5g base station will far exceed the previous communication technology.


NVIDIA’s software development kit enables telecom companies to better utilize the “network slicing” capability brought by 5g networks (this technology enables telecom companies to expand and narrow bandwidth according to the needs of a single session).

NVIDIA’s CEO Huang Renxun said in a keynote speech before the conference that NVIDIA believes that embedding its chipset and latest software into these networks is the best way for telecom companies to add additional services with dynamic configuration.

NVIDIA has developed two software development kits. Among them, “CUDA virtual network function” provides optimized input / output and processing capacity, “CUDA baseband” provides signal processing channel accelerated by GPU.

In addition, the aerial software development kit runs on NVIDIA’s previously announced egx stack, which can be combined with the latest containerized software development model represented by kubernetes.

Telecom companies can install NVIDIA’s software on GPU servers and use it as a container to run on kubernetes.

If software is one leg of NVIDIA’s development in the telecom industry, the other leg is the cooperation with Ericsson. Through the cooperation with Ericsson, NVIDIA hopes to enhance its capability in the virtualization architecture of RF access network, so that the networking technology cost is lower, the scalability is better, and the energy efficiency is higher.

“Through our partnership with NVIDIA, we will work together to bring to market alternatives to RF access network virtualization,” said Fredrik jejdling, Ericsson’s executive vice president and head of network operations

Another partner of NVIDIA is Microsoft. Microsoft’s azure cloud computing services will more closely integrate NVIDIA’s egx hardware and software, such as the metropolis video analysis tool.

“Computing is embedded in every part of the world and everything, so organizations need a distributed computing architecture that covers the entire cloud and network edge,” Satya NADELLA, Microsoft’s CEO, said in a statement

Through closer integration with cloud computing services, INVISTA wants to ensure that its hardware and software stacks become attractive options for telecom companies. These telecom companies are looking for suitable hardware providers to supplement network services. Another way NVIDIA is concerned is to ensure that chipset products are developer friendly.

As a result, the company has expanded its cooperation with red hat to accelerate kubernetes’ popularization in data center and telecommunication infrastructure through the newly released NVIDIA aerial software development kit.

Huang Renxun said: “the industry is accelerating the development of 5g, and the revolution of” all intelligence “is starting. Billions of sensors and devices will be scattered around the world, making new applications and services possible. We are working with red hat to build a cloud native, scalable, high-performance GPU computing infrastructure for the new 5g world. Similar to the smartphone revolution, a new wave of applications will emerge with the support of NVIDIA’s egx edge supercomputing platform. “

At present, the development of digital economy has entered a new era of cross-border integration, system innovation and intelligence leading. 5g development has also been accelerating. New information technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and economic and social integration have been increasingly sublimated. Accelerating the promotion of digital economy is conducive to the role of data as a new production factor, and constantly spawning new industries, new formats and new models With the help of new technology, the traditional industry can be transformed in an all-round, all-round and all chain way to improve the total factor productivity and release the amplification, superposition and multiplication of figures on economic development.

With the evolution of information technology and display technology, people are no longer satisfied with the plane vision, but more in pursuit of new audio-visual experience such as immersive experience and virtual reality experience, so holographic AR came into being.

Augmented reality technology, also known as AR, is a kind of technology that calculates the position and angle of the camera in real time and adds the corresponding image, video and 3D model to achieve the interaction between the user and the virtual world on the screen.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) focuses on computer vision holographic cloud service. Its product layout and business application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five professional fields, such as home entertainment, optical theater, performance system, commercial publishing system and advertising display system.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) focuses on the field of holographic ar. at present, there are three ways to realize holographic AR, which are holographic AR based on 2D screen, holographic AR based on head mounted device and holographic AR based on 3D space.

It is reported that WIMI has invested in more than 17 high-quality enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. The related fields include: holographic AR interactive component design, holographic AR optical component development, holographic AR image development, holographic AR hardware / software development, holographic AR application development, holographic AR platform construction and other related industry enterprises.

The plan of WIMI is to provide holographic cloud platform services through 5g communication network based on two core technologies: holographic artificial intelligence face recognition technology and holographic artificial intelligence face modification technology. WIMI has the world’s leading 3D computer vision technology and SaaS platform technology. WIMI transforms ordinary images into holographic 3D content through AI algorithm, which is widely used in holographic advertising, holographic entertainment, holographic education, holographic communication and other fields.

WIMI Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) has a leading AR holographic application platform in China. In addition, according to Frost & Sullivan’s data, WIMI has established the most comprehensive and diversified holographic AR content library among all holographic AR solution providers in China. In terms of revenue, number of customers, holographic AR content, as well as the number of holographic AR patents and software copyrights, wemi ranks first in China’s holographic AR industry.

With the coming of 5g market, it will realize real-time output, lossless transmission and holographic presentation in different places. It is an application case display of holographic communication in various scenarios.

Holographic communication can realize holographic “crossing” mainly depends on two key technologies: the first is dynamic capture system, which uses video algorithm system to ensure the output of high-definition lossless pictures; the second is 5g network with large bandwidth and low delay characteristics, which needs more detailed information of human image, which needs the support of 5g network to transmit lossless holographic pictures to The holographic stage area at the far end.

With the further maturity of technology and the wide coverage of 5g network, more interaction of holographic communication will be applied in various scenes, for example, in the office scene, holographic communication can be used for interactive remote conference; in the family communication, holographic communication provides a zero distance communication mode for relatives in two places.

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