UpService.site Provides No-Fuss Uptime Monitoring for Online Businesses

  • PublishedApril 28, 2020
Most online businesses heavily rely on the smooth functioning of their websites to market their brand and create revenue. But what is a website?

A website is just a program. To get it active and live on the internet – which means making it accessible for other users – a website needs to be stored and run by a special server called a web host. Think of web hosts as places on the internet where commercial “spaces” are rented.

There are more than 338,000 web hosting service providers around the world based on the latest estimates, and there are different types. Some web hosting servers serve multiple clients within one machine. This arrangement is called shared hosting. Since resources are shared between clients, cost-saving is achieved.

Then there’s dedicated server hosting. This means that the server is exclusively used by one client. This setup is the most expensive but it offers clients the greatest control and security. Then there are the web hosting services that fall in between, such as virtual private server hosting, cloud-based hosting, managed hosting, and colocation. But regardless of the different kinds of web hosting services, there is one performance characteristic common to all that’s always a top consideration among clients, and that is uptime performance.

Uptime performance is the measure of a web host’s reliability, expressed as the percentage of time a server can keep a website working and available. Most web hosting services advertise an average of 99.95% uptime reliability in one year of service. Conversely, that means a 0.05% probability of downtime.

A 0.05% downtime translates to 262 minutes or more than 4.5 hours of service outage. Experts estimate than the average cost per hour of downtime is around $300,000. Larger enterprises that utilize web services for their data transactions and information management stand to lose several millions of dollars an hour.

The good news is that web hosting servers are getting more reliable as technology progresses, with some providers claiming above 99.99% uptime. The bad news is that no service provider will claim perfect reliability. Software programs accrue errors over time and a server’s hardware components simply wear out. Downtime is inevitable and it’s just a matter of when.

What are online businesses to do to guard against costly service interruptions? They can employ third-party uptime monitoring services such that offered by UpService.site.

UpService.site provides comprehensive testing of a web hosting server’s uptime performance. Tests include a load packet test to measure server response times Tests on a website’s hypertext transfer protocol, both secured and unsecured methods are standard and so are ping tests, tracerouting, network latency tests, DNS translation tests and so on. It does all these using 5 different servers located all around the world. These testing servers help identify any issues with the global network.

UpService.site also offers the widest range of service packages. There is the Basic Uptime monitoring – UpService.site’s most affordable uptime monitoring service. It’s perfect for beginners, hobbyists, and website start-ups. This service offers monitoring of up to three websites and it does its server tests every 5 minutes interval.

In the other end of UpService.site’s range of services, there is the Advance Uptime and Web Performance monitoring. This is the most premium of all services offered by UpService.site. First of all, it is a yearly contract with UpService.site. Purchasing monitoring service wholesale means further cost-savings for the client.

But more than that, the Advance Uptime and Web Performance package includes tests on key website attributes such as page load time, web page render time, time-to-title, time-to-interact, request per second, website’s overall weight, connection time, and error rates. These tests provide important data that can be used to improve the website’s design, identify website performance issues, as well as making adjustments to the online business’s operating model. Data from these tests are used by web developers, server administrators, and even marketing experts.

Perhaps the best thing about UpService.site is how it offers ease and convenience to uptime monitoring. Clients can treat uptime monitoring as a set-it and forget-it affair. UpService.site will do the monitoring at predetermined intervals, testing for common performance parameters, while leaving clients undisturbed at least until uptime issues are detected. Once detected, UpService.site’s system alerts the clients via email or SMS. Partnering with UpService.site can be that simple.

For more information, visit https://upservice.site. For inquiries, email [email protected].

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