Osaki OS Hiro LT: Newest Addition to the World-Renowned Osaki Massage Chair Lineup for Overall Health Benefits

  • PublishedApril 30, 2020

Are you interested in purchasing a full-body massage chair? If so, do you know what benefits a chair like the Osaki OS Hiro LT massage chair offers?

At the outset of this discussion, it is vital to note that a massage chair is designed to mimic a full body massage by a professional massage therapist.


Let’s consider the pertinent features of the Osaki OS Hiro LT massage chair, by way of answering this question.

Osaki OS Hiro LT: Features and Benefits

This chair is the newest addition to the lineup of high-quality massage chairs. Therefore, it’s design and construction are the result of a study of the past successes and failures. In other words, the development of the latest in a successful range of L-track massage chairs is a consequence of the researchers and developers who have studied what works and what does not work.

Therefore, by way of expanding on the features and benefits of this chair as well as other massage chairs under 5000, let’s consider the following points:


As highlighted above, this chair’s overall design philosophy is based on the brand’s fundamental objective, which is to provide an optimal massage without hurting you or making existing injuries worse. All the features described below, like the S-track, L-track, as well as the positioning of the airbags, form part of this design philosophy. Consequently, this chair, as one of the top selling massage chairs is also one of the most comfortable massage chairs on the market today.

In summary, it must be said that the modern chairs, especially this massage chair, do a great job of providing a professional massage.

Reliable and quiet

This chair utilizes Japanese brushless motors to ensure the smoothest, quietest operating chair; thereby, allowing you to relax without being disturbed by noisy mechanisms moving into place during your massage. Secondly, this chair is reliable and will function for an extremely long time without experiencing any mechanical breakdowns.

Superior, airbag massage

The primary function of an airbag massage is to improve your body’s blood circulation, which in turn will reduce pain and relieved tense muscle spasms.

The sensors that position the airbags in place against your body will ensure that you experience a smoother massage. This chair has a total of 14 airbags positioned throughout the chair; although, they are mainly located in the shoulder area, calf, arms, and feet.

Zero gravity

One of the great benefits of this chair is the zero-gravity position. When the chair is reclined into this position, your full body weight is supported by the chair’s backrest, which in turn will maximize the massage’s intensity, and it will help you relax even more.  Additionally, because your knees are higher than your chest in this position, your body will relax more because of the optimization of blood flow around your body.

Full body Scan

An exciting and useful feature of this chair is that it scans your whole body.

The full-body scan is designed to map the significant areas of your neck and back as well as your shoulder height. This function ensures that optimal pressure is applied to these areas during the massage.

As highlighted several times above, one of the fundamental purposes of these scans is to ensure that the chair’s rollers and airbags massage the areas they are designed for as well as making sure that the massage is not sore or uncomfortable. If it is painful or uncomfortable, the chair’s technologies run the risk of hurting you. And, this will not be good for you nor the chair’s brand reputation.

L-track technology

L-track technologies are essentially long roller tracks that extend from your feet, along your body, and up around your spine into your neck and head. The L-track extends from your feet upwards. This track facilitates the massage of your glutes, back, spine, and neck by allowing rollers to run up and down them massaging your body as they move.

Final thoughts

Should you be interested in finding out more about the Osaki OS Hiro LT massage chair, you can contact The Modern Back at 800-416-4304 or by visiting their website at https://themodernback.com/.

The Modern Back is one of the leading online retail stores in the United States. They also have the largest showroom in the state of Florida offering various types and brands of massage chairs to suit all budgets. Their knowledgeable staff are always available to answer questions and to assist customers with their massage chair purchase. 

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