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Finding Connection in Cities and During a Pandemic: BondApp is the Answer

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Finding Connection in Cities and During a Pandemic: BondApp is the Answer

August 06
07:05 2020

COVID-19 has awakened in us the realization that humans need company. If you have spent any time recently socially distancing yourself from the rest of the human race, you will know that after just a few days you are crying out for someone to talk to, even it’s just to talk about something mundane. An entrepreneur out of Boston, Jamal Taleb states “Being on your own is, at best, no fun, and at worst, terrible for our mental health. We’re not meant to live apart, we need to build a network and relationships”.

While we have all got used to using social apps, there are problems inherent in most of them. One is the prevalence of fake profiles, another is that because conversations begin online they have no meaning and a third is that there is no room for spontaneity, a meeting has to be preplanned and feels artificial. You can’t tell if someone is worth getting to know from a picture and a profile, you need to see them and be in the same space but without the constraints of eliminating any doubts you might have.

BondApp is different from other apps and may well turn out to be a social app game changer. First off, it’s designed to be local, you can only view profiles of other users within a 200-foot range. This means that you are able to actually see someone with your own eyes before you communicate with them and they can see you. If you think you’d like to interact with another user you can invite them to connect using the app’s Chat Wheel and in minutes you could be chatting for real. 

With BondApp, you can connect with anyone locally and start chatting. That means BondApp is perfect for those of us who move to new cities for our career and want more meaningful connections than those we make with those in our office. Our careers are one point of connection, but you aren’t always lucky enough to find a colleague who has all the same music and entertainment interests as you. That makes heading out for anything more than a drink after work difficult – and that’s where BondApp can step in. 

BondApp’s unique Hotspot feature allows you to view on a map the local venues where users of the app, AKA other Bondians, are gathered so you can go there too and make a new connection. 

BondApp is like having a friend introduce you to other friends, safe and secure. It feels more casual than when you have to arrange for a meeting, more natural. Using the app is like meeting someone at a party, relaxed and unthreatening. More human.

The founder of BondApp, Jamal Taleb, puts it this way: “We developed the app to eliminate the pressure of initiating a conversation with a stranger at a coffee shop, bar or restaurant. It’s an ever-present mutual friend or a wing man.” Taleb is an alumnus of Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts where he studied engineering and business administration. He and his team developed the app right there in Boston and released the tested version last year.

The name refers to the idea of creating a bond between two people and facilitating interaction. That’s why the app is so cool, it’s the icebreaker we all need and puts connection before technology. BondApp removes the barriers to real-life relationships in an organic way not previously achieved by social apps.

If you’re interested in networking on the spot, download BondApp to your phone or head to to explore the app for yourself today.

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