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Jersey City Recording Studio For Recording, Mixing, And Services by Expert Music Producers

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Jersey City Recording Studio For Recording, Mixing, And Services by Expert Music Producers

November 03
15:57 2020
Jersey City Recording Studio For Recording, Mixing, And Services by Expert Music Producers
Track Garden Studio is a full-service recording studio equipped with state-of-the-art recording and mixing equipment. The skill and experience of expert music producers enable businesses and musicians to achieve their respective objectives.

According to announcements released by Track Garden Studio and Jerome Brunetto, this Jersey City recording studio is a one-stop-shop for all the steps involved in creating a quality album. These include pre-production, sound design and recording, arranging and editing, vocals, post-production, mixing, and mastering. 

The studio has top-quality equipment and gear to enable musicians and recording artists across genres to create creatively satisfying and commercially viable work.

Artists can brainstorm with the musicologists at Track Garden Studio on ideas for the music to be produced during the pre-production stage. Sound design finalizes the sounds to be incorporated into the music. The individual sounds are then recorded. This is followed by the arranging and editing process where the music acquires a cohesive feel with the sounds arranged in desired sequences and patterns. This readies the background score, and the next step is to add the vocals.

During the post-production phase, the entire piece is vetted for quality and necessary changes made. Mixing, which follows post-production, helps crystallize the song into a cohesive whole that flows harmoniously with no jarring effects. Mastering is the final step, and it consists of multiple activities to create a version worthy of distribution. Professional expertise during each of these steps can make a massive difference in the final product’s quality.

While recording at home is doable, such efforts cannot compare to the polish of the finished musical product delivered by Track Garden Studio.  

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Jerome Brunetto of Track Garden Studio said, “Many recording studios are set up in cramped quarters with the construction often not suited for audio recording. A quality studio will pay attention to its space’s tiniest details as it plays a key role in the acoustics. Good Jersey City recording studios offer a functional room for different functions for optimal results. They will provide a large space that can accommodate multiple musicians and a plethora of equipment.

“Good studios won’t just provide wide-ranging professional and modern equipment. They will be committed to providing you with the best gear in the music industry and any additional gear you specifically need. Cheap recording studios scrimp on the equipment they offer. Track Garden Studio provides the gear you need and provides a professional commitment to achieving your objective at all costs.

“Make sure to look at the factors mentioned above to make sure you choose an excellent place to do your piece, one which helps you fully reap the rewards of using a music studio for your work.”

On the significance of soundproofing, Brunetto said, “To get high-quality audio recordings, all other types of “noise” need to be canceled. Quality recording studios make special efforts to soundproof their studio as effectively as possible. They may use specific types of drywall, which offer superior isolation characteristics. Many professionals will also use acoustic treatments at sensitive spots such as behind the performer where the mic picks up every sound. Great sounding rooms make great recordings.”

About the Company:

Track Garden Studio was established in 2008 and since then has helped hundreds of artists create music catering to diverse tastes. The recording engineers, songwriters, and music producers at this well-equipped studio are knowledgeable and smoothly execute their job to provide artists with a great working experience.

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Contact Person: Jerome Brunetto
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Phone: (201) 808-3307
Address:2900 John F. Kennedy Blvd
City: Union City
State: NJ 07087
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