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Song Template Builder, a web application that allows users to create Ableton Live Templates

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Song Template Builder, a web application that allows users to create Ableton Live Templates

November 17
20:54 2020
Create and download Ableton Live templates quickly with Song Template Builder, a web app that gives users freedom over the songs they make. Using the power of automation, Song Template Builder allows users to create original templates based on their unique ideas. Furthermore, the users can specify a song’s genre and other requirements and then generate an Ableton Live project which can be downloaded immediately.

Ableton Live templates can be quite expensive and they hinder the learning curve. Moreover, they are downloaded by thousands of users and so, these templates lose their uniqueness since everyone is using them. With Song Template Builder, users can create templates for Ableton Live using their own ideas that no one else has. Additionally, these templates can be created within minutes, as compared to the songs created from templates on Ableton which can take hours.

Song Template Builder is being built by a professional software engineer, who has been in the development industry for the past 15 years. The creator, since childhood has always been interested in music production and used to spend a lot of free time playing around with Ableton. This hobby then became a serious passion after purchasing a license for Ableton version 8 but it still felt daunting whenever starting an Ableton project from scratch.

The creator of Song Template Builder found that the templates available on the internet aren’t really helpful when someone wants to learn music production. They don’t give the users much control over what can be edited and it gets quite frustrating to adjust that template to make it coherent with one’s music. Addressing this issue, Song Template Builder was designed.

Song Template Builder allows users to specify the song genre, structure, chord progression, instruments and other requirements via a web user interface and then generate Ableton Live project file in the .als format. This process takes merely a few minutes and is very easy and intuitive even for beginners. Song Template Builder is an ideal platform for music producers who want to ramp up their skills or for people who want to produce music in various genres.

The existing platforms on the market offer limited control over customization, and they are targeted towards end-users, not the producers who want to tweak the music according to their liking. Song Template Builder empowers the users to download an Ableton project, which they can then use to further modify the song.

Music enthusiasts can now support this unique project at Kickstarter here:

Seeking the support from patrons, Song Template Builder is up for funding on Kickstarter and hopes to get recognition because of the features and power offered. The financial support on Kickstarter will help the creator with the research, songwriting engine and algorithm, building the web app and then deploying it. The creator thinks that money is a necessary evil for the launch of Song Template Builder, and wants to make it accessible to everyone. 


Made for music producers and hobbyist music enthusiasts alike, Song Template Builder is a unique web application that gives users more control and power over the unique songs that they want to produce, quickly and easily.

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