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The 3 Activities every eCommerce brand should focus on when scaling fast – By Think Orion

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The 3 Activities every eCommerce brand should focus on when scaling fast – By Think Orion

November 21
10:44 2020
3 Ever-green tactics any eCommerce store, regardless of what it sells, can implement right away to fuel rapid growth.

Online buying and selling is no longer the future of commerce, it is the present.

If there were any doubts about whether e-commerce will take over brick & mortar based stores, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has put them to rest. And as more and more businesses shift online, the infrastructure to support these businesses is growing rapidly.

With the rapid growth in any sector, there comes a new set of challenges. With so many options available in regards to marketing, sales, automation, new channels to utilize, and old channels to keep, it can be difficult to pick, choose and focus on what matters the most.

However, there are certain aspects that all e-commerce businesses share. And because of these shared aspects, every e-commerce business can benefit from three ever-green tactics. Regardless of what the business may sell, where they sell it, or to whom they sell it, these tactics work.

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Tactic 1 – Abandoned Cart Recovery

With 70% of all carts being abandoned, it comes as no surprise that having a system in place for recovering abandoned carts is not only necessary but also really effective. A person who has added a product to the cart is a hot lead and should be dealt with accordingly.

The options are endless here, but the two highest ROI generating channels happen to be Abandoned Cart Recovery email funnels & retargeting ads on social media channels.

Tactic 2 – Evergreen Retargeting Campaigns

Most e-commerce businesses have some sort of retargeting campaigns in place already. But most of these businesses don’t hyper-segment within these audiences. A person who visited your website in the past 3 days vs. a person who added a product to their cart in the past 3 days are two very different audiences.

Each of them is in a different part of the funnel, and therefore the retargeting campaigns likely to make them convert also need to have different messaging, creatives, and offers.

Tactic 3 – Public Review Generation

In the 21st century, most people check for reviews before they go ahead and buy something. One of the major touch points that swing the decision of a user to buy a product is whether it has independently verifiable, positive reviews.

Implementing email and retargeting campaigns to increase the number of online reviews a product has can go a long way in increasing sales in the long run.

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