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Working From Home: To Embrace The New Normal (Or Should Businesses Go Back To The Old Normal?)

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Working From Home: To Embrace The New Normal (Or Should Businesses Go Back To The Old Normal?)

December 14
10:39 2020
Working From Home: To Embrace The New Normal (Or Should Businesses Go Back To The Old Normal?)

Working From Home: Should We Embrace The New Normal?

Even though the number of COVID cases has dropped in some parts of the world, they are still on the rise in the US. It has been a hard year for everyone, and the reality that many families may not get to spend Christmas together has been making the season tough for many people. Travel bans have prevented people from getting together.

This Christmas season might not be so blue after all. The news of a COVID-19 vaccine is finally out and Great Britain is first in line to receive it. Soon enough the vaccine should be available in other countries around the world. 

Over the past year the way people live their lives has significantly changed. Get togethers with family and friends at local restaurants has now turned into ordering delivery and seeing one another through Skype or Zoom chats. Instead of saying hi to the department store cashier, people are now waving at the Amazon delivery driver. 

Even the way people are working has changed. To stay safe, a lot of companies had their employees work from home. These changes happened mainly in industries like insurance, finance, IT, and management. All of these companies have proved that it’s possible to run things out of the office, and on top of that productivity has increased!

Why The New Normal Is Working

Down the road when everyone is vaccinated and people are getting back to normal, it’s still a smart idea to keep employees that are capable of working from home doing so. This new normal has proven to have a lot of benefits for both the employer and the employee.

The new way of working is great for employees for many reasons. They save time and money on their commute, which actually gives them more time to focus on any projects they have to do for work. There are no longer office distractions, like chatty co-workers. They can even have a coffee or start making their supper while staying focused on the job.

Employers are seeing the benefits of the new normal as well. Not only are their employees more enthusiastic about their work, but they are saving a lot of money on office costs. The average business is saving up to $11,000 in a year by keeping employees at home.

Another perk is that there are less absentees. Employers don’t have to worry about anyone missing deadlines, because even if an employee is ill they can still curl up in bed with their laptops and get the job done. 

A lot of companies are making the new normal a permanent way of working. We tried to find if this new normal was embraced only by some large multi-national companies and were surprised to see that Xerago, a Marketing Transformation company based out of Chennai that owns the Acquigo Algorithmic Marketing Platform, has been experimenting with this new normal even before the days of lockdown. They have clients worldwide and found this was the most efficient way to have their employees working.

The management teams at Xerago and Acquigo believe that working from home is the key to increasing productivity and cutting down on costs. To see more about their business visit or

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