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Drain Clog Repair Services are Available in Mill Creek, WA

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Drain Clog Repair Services are Available in Mill Creek, WA

January 16
02:39 2021
Drain Clog Repair Services are Available in Mill Creek, WA

There are probably few repairs that frustrate a homeowner more as well as more often than drain clogs. And why not? In most cases, a clog is something they didn’t expect, is of unknown origin, and for the most part, it’s something that must be dealt with that one can’t see. 

The good news in this is that with some help from a reliable, experienced plumber such as Apollo Plumbing, a homeowner can minimize downtime and expense. The trick is to call for help as soon as possible, and don’t attempt a DIY repair. It often makes things worse.

Some Like it Hot

Drains and pipes aren’t something most homeowners give much thought to, so a quick solution usually isn’t readily at hand when there is a problem. This is since the first thing a plumber will often do to fix a clog is something almost everyone has close at hand, running hot water in it. Most drain clogs are the result of grease, hair, and food residue. By pouring hot water over this gunk, much of it will dissolve. It’s a good idea to follow the hot water treatment with a half-cup of baking soda and vinegar. It’s not a bad idea to keep this practice up regularly after the plumber is gone too. 

Clearing the Solids

Once all the gunk that might be melted away is gone, it’s time to start on the more substantial stuff. This might take several approaches, none of which readily accessible since they usually have a screen or some other covering to them. To get to these areas, a plumber uses any number of relatively simple tools to get and use. The first is called a Zip-It, a plastic strip with a set of barbs on one end. For example, on the screen in the sink, a plumber might force one of these tools down through a backup of water, then remove it, hopefully pulling hair or whatever else might be down there. They might do this several times until the clog is loose or gone. 

Plunge It 

If a Zip-It doesn’t work and the clog is a little more involved, the plumber will probably next use a plunger on it. A plumber is just a bulb full of air and water that is forced against a clog to loosen and dislodge it. A plunger is often thought of as a stand-by, but it can be highly effective.

Trap It

If a clog is still there, it might need the trap to be taken apart. The trap is the curved piece of pipe underneath the sink. The purpose of a sink trap is to keep sewer gases from escaping into the house, but it can also trap gunk sent down the drain, plugging it. If this is where the clog is, a plumber might take it apart and clean it out to eliminate the clog. 

One of the most unnerving things about clogs is they can occur almost anywhere. At Apollo Plumbing (, unclogging drains is one of the most common services they provide. For more information about Apollo Plumbing, services, and offers and territories, check out

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